Karate Pig

Karate Pig

Karate Pig Slot Game

Clearly taking inspiration from Kung-Fu Panda, Karate Pig is a delightful slot game featuring a, as the name suggests, pig who seeks to be the best at karate. Focusing on interesting characters, high quality animation, and highly unique bonus games, Karate Pig is a game that every slot enthusiast should check out. The developers clearly went all out with this production, and as far as modern real money mobile slot games are concerned Karate Pig is one of the best.

In the game play department Karate Pig doesn’t exactly blow minds with innovation. The 5 reel, 40 betting line system is pretty standard. But, land a special symbol sequence and the bonus mini-games are a delight, all but stealing the player’s heart in seconds with sheer charming character and humour. Karate Pig has outstanding animation, and each mini-game comes to life as the lovable goofball shares his thoughts via speech bubbles. Let’s take a closer look at the symbol designs and mechanics.

User Interface

The game has clearly been designed with modern play platforms in mind. Whether using a device with a touch screen, or a standard home computer, the interface is fluid and easy to understand. Betting lines are raised and lowered via a button near the bottom of the play area, and the betting amount is adjusted via convenient arrows. Note that a bet max button allows the bet to instantly be adjusted to the highest possible amount. One thing that seems to be missing is an auto play feature, which is a rather curious omission given that the game is otherwise so professionally realised.

Symbol Designs

One of the best things about Karate Pig is that so much effort has clearly gone into the symbol designs. Each symbol represents a character in the world, and no small amount of detail is present in each. From a muscled boar that seems to be Karate Pigs enemy, to a wise sensei with long white beard, the player gets a clear sense that a story is being told here, and a rather well thought out one at that. The developers can be commended for going the whole nine yards

Bonus Games

The Karate Pig bonus games have already been mentioned, and deserve to mentioned again. Upon matching the scatter symbols the player is given a choice of 2 bonus games, the pork chop bonus and hammer bonus. Upon a bonus game being completed a belt is earned, indicated that Karate Pig is improving his skill. If 7 belts are earned the player enters the final showdown, where the piggy must face the muscled boar.

The whole idea is a delightful one, and gives the player a real feeling of progress. It’s a great way to keep the game feeling fresh and interesting, and one of the main reasons that Karate Pig is such a unique play experience. If anything, a player will be delighted by the notion that the pig is getting stronger. And if the final showdown is achieved, which is a long, gruelling process, the jackpot will be second to the pleasant journey getting there.

Jungle Wild

Jungle Wild Slot Game

Strap on your explorer’s hat and head out into the jungle with the Jungle wild slot game. Created by Williams Interactive, the game features a 5 reel, 30 betting line system. This means that the game offers an excellent amount of interactivity, and will certainly appeal to slot game players who enjoy a more tactical approach. But what about graphics and visual design, which are becoming ever more the focus of modern slot games.

Jungle Wild is starting to see its age, and although the symbol images are still fairly impressive in terms of detail, there are no animations or special effects of any kind. Sure, special effects and animations do not make a game instantly better by default, but one can’t help but notice that Jungle Wild is not on par with more recent games. In the game play department, however, the game is still an absolute blast, and still well worth checking out.

Symbol Designs

Sticking with the theme of adventure and jungle exploration, Jungle Wild offers up some pretty unique symbol designs, the most valuable are a set of gold, Mayan themed masks. Anyone who has seen Indiana Jones will know where these masks take their inspiration, and they do a good job of creating a sense of excitement and adventure. Plus, match them at least 3 times and that excitement will turn to exhilaration. The masks are pretty valuable in the payout department.

Other symbols are largely focused around wildlife, and the quality of the artwork can’t be denied. Players will run into moneys, parrots, butterflies, and a whole selection of foliage. Each animal looks remarkably authentic, and each plant real enough to reach out and touch. Plus, there is not a single playing card symbol to be seen, which stands as proof that the makers of the game wanted something truly immersive and unique.

Bonus Features

But no mobile casino online slot game is complete without its special features, and Jungle Wild has a few to explore and investigate. The first is the wild symbol, which will match with any other symbol, except the special feature symbol. Note that the wild symbol will also match with itself for major jackpot payouts.

The second bonus feature is the pyramid symbol, which acts as a scatter symbol. This means that the pyramid symbol does not have to be adjacent on the reels in order to match. Upon the scatter symbol matching the player is granted 5 free spins. During the free spins, however, the reels will be stacked with multiple extra wild symbols, dramatically increasing the chances of wins being achieved. It need not be said that these free spins generally result in amazing big wins, large enough to make anyone consider heading out into the jungle in search of treasure.


Jungle Wild is available to play on all popular platforms, including smart phone, tablet, home computer, and laptop. Please be sure to download the correct version if you intend on playing on your smart phone. Android versions will not work on Apple phones, and vice versa.

Jungle Boogie

Jungle Boogie Slot Game

Every once in a while a slot game comes along that completely changes the rules, and creates something, at the very least, interesting. Jungle Boogie ignores just about every standard slot game principle, and in doing so truly stands apart from other games. It may not boast especially impressive graphics or sound, and it may not even offer much in the way of game play options, but you certainly won’t find a more streamlined or faced paced slot game experience. Join us in finding out what makes Jungle Boogie such a remarkable online casino game.

Game Play In Detail

The first thing that will jump out upon starting up Jungle boogie is that the play area is not just small, it’s absolutely tiny. This is because there are only 3 reels, and just a single betting line. It may sound like madness, but this is how the very first slot games were, back around the time the automobile was not exactly getting stuck in traffic jams. It seems bizarrely simple when compared to the hundreds of betting lines offered by other games, but the streamlining really does offer something worth taking a look at.

The game is based around stripping away all the unnecessary bells and wills that modern slot games tend to use. Multiple reels and betting lines do seem like you are getting more, but the fact is that Jungle Boogie pays out substantially more with each win achieved, even if wins are rather rare. It’s a case of quality as apposed to quantity, and each win in Jungle Boogie is something worth celebrating. Almost every match made is a huge amount, and it rather turns the concept of a slot game on its head.

The core of the game is that each set of symbols pays out according to how much has been bet on that particular spin. But there are only 3 betting options, 1, 2, or 3. Depending on which bet has been placed, each set of 3 symbols pays out more or less. That’s all there is too it, but how engaging this simple online slots NZ concept becomes is rather interesting.

Play Symbols and Visuals

The symbols being used are jungle animals, which fits with the games overall theme. A tiger is your power symbol, and if matched the maximum of 3 times pays out an astronomical amount. Some of the other animals are a baboon, parrot and fish. None of the animals animate or do much of anything at all, and although the art style isn’t unpleasant by any means, it’s certainly plain. But then being plain is what Jungle Boogie is all about; plain in the best possible way.

The only thing Jungle Boogie offers in the way of dazzle is the background, which is a rather large one, given how small the play area is. There are a few green leaves, a tiger, and a parrot to occupy the space. The parrot turns his head, but this can only just barely be called animation. As we already said, Jungle Boogie isn’t about astonishing you with dazzling effects. Give the game a try though, and you my be pleasantly surprised.

Jumpin’ Rabbit

Jumpin’ Rabbit Slot Game

What do you get when you strap a parachute to a rabbit it and toss it out of an aeroplane? A furry splat on the floor? Certainly not, you get Jumpin’ Rabbit, one of the oddest slot games you’re likely to play. Based around a bunny that clearly has a fondness for skydiving, this charming game may not blow your socks off with innovation, but it’ll certainly put a smile on your face with its amusing art style. Let’s find out what makes this interesting game tick.

Game Mechanics

Jumpin’ Rabbit uses a 5 reel, 30 betting line system, which is fairly standard. What is interesting is that the player may manually adjust the betting lines between spins, which goes a long way to offering strategic options. If the player thinks that a big win is about to be scored, it makes sense to adjust the betting lines up. If there is sign of a losing streak, adjusting the betting lines down will save a bit of cash. It is a system based on luck and blind prediction, but a good player can make the most of this system and really rake in the loot.

The graphics and image design of the game is where Jumpin’ Rabbit really shines. The little white bunny, a smile on his face and ears flapping in the wind, is an instantly likable character. He seems thrilled about just doing what he loves; hurling himself out of airborne planes. He doesn’t have much in the way of animations, but that doesn’t stop the little critter from being one of the more lovable online slots Australia game characters around. Note that the bunny is the wild symbol in the game, and will match with any other play symbol to create a matching sequence. He may not, however, match with himself.

Symbol Values

Some of the other symbols in the game are carrots, a plane, a wind sock and the traditional playing card symbols, jack, queen, king and ace. If wanting to make the most cash possible the player will be looking to match the plane symbol the maximum of 5 times, which is the biggest standard payout in the game. The wind sock is the least valuable symbol, but still pays out a decent amount if matching 5 times. Now let’s see what Jumpin’ Rabbit offers as far as bonuses and specials go.

If matching the scatter symbol, represented by the written words Jumpin’ Rabbit, the player is granted 10 free spins. During the free spins, however, a number of extra wilds are added to the reels. So many extra wilds, in fact, that a win is guaranteed on almost every one of the free spins. Needless to say, the result is pockets loaded with bonus cash.


Jumpin’ Rabbit will work on all play platforms, including home computer, but has specifically been optimised to function with smart phone touch screens. The best play experience can be had on tablet, which has a larger screen and also utilised touch screen functionality.

Halloween Fortune

Halloween Fortune

Halloween Fortune Online Slots

Whether you experience Halloween’s Pagan roots as dark and morbid or magical and enchanting, chances are you’ve either celebrated the festivities, or at the very least been curious about it.  Thought to have originated with the Celtic festival of Samhain, Halloween marked the end of summer in the regions of Ireland, France and the United Kingdom, and the beginning of very cold winter months – a period associated with danger, extreme conditions and death.

The Celts believed that on the evening of the 31st of October, the ghosts and spirits of the dead would return to earth, making amok on earth wherever they went.  The line between the worlds of the living and the dead would be blurred on this night, making it possible for the dead to cross over into the world of the living.  During this time, it would also be easier for those lent to mysticism to make predictions concerning the future.

Modern culture has adapted the controversial holiday into a commercial festival, and it is estimated that one quarter of all revenue generated in the United States on an annual basis, from the sale of candy, is during the time of Halloween – a very popular day of the year indeed.

Playtech has turned the concept into an online slot game, aptly dubbed Halloween Fortune.  The slot is 3D animated and is played on 5 reels and 20 paylines.  The game features a Witches Brew Free Spins Bonus Game.

Halloween Fortune Reel Symbols

The symbols will tickle your spooky bones and include three hot and happening witches, adorned in red, blue and green.  No Halloween theme would be complete without the infamous black cat and black crow, not to mention a human skull, vial of potion and a Celtic cross on a chain.

There are no playing card symbols on the reels.  The game does however include a gamble feature.  After each win, a player may opt to take a gamble on the winnings, in order to double up the winnings for that particular round.  In order to do so, the colour of a playing card must be guessed correctly – whether black or red.  The double-up gamble limit is capped at 2 500 credits.

The wild symbol is the star of the game – the Jack o’ Lantern.  The wild symbol will substitute for all but the bonus and the scatter symbols.  Jack is also the top-paying symbol, cashing out at 10 000 credits for 5 on an active payline.

Witches Brew Free Spins Bonus Game

Halloween Fortune offers a chance at really getting your ghostly game on with the Witches Brew Free Spins Bonus Game.  In order to trigger free spins, the bonus symbol – a giant brewing pot – must appear on reels 1 and 5 simultaneously.

The three witches will make an appearance, of which the player must select 1.  Next up, a potion must be brewed in order to determine the multiplier value applied during the free spins rounds.  Up to 20 free games together with a x10 multiplier is up for grabs.

Game Interface

The reels are set against a backdrop of skeletal trees and a cloudy night sky.  The 3D graphics lend a rich feel to the overall experience.

Shaman Slot

Shaman Slot Game Has a Theme of Ancient Indian Mythology

This slot game by Endorphina is based on the actions of a Shaman, who is an awe inspiring character drawn from ancient Indian history. The Shaman is regarded as a figure having access to and influence in the world of spirits, and is said to be able to treat ailments of the body by mending the soul. Certainly this is an original theme for a slot game, and the Shaman slot delivers an impressive level of mystery and old Indian folklore.

Shaman slot game seems designed with intrigue and spirituality in mind. The background seems to be a sky at night, lit by a full moon. The reels seem to be surrounded by a blue and white mist. Standard symbols include the Male and Female Shamans, necklaces made from animal teeth, several Indian themed headdresses and various pagan symbols.

High Paying Symbols

Endorphina has not included a bonus round as such in The Shaman online slots Canada game, but some of the symbols offer extremely high payouts. The Male Shaman is the most valuable symbol, and can unlock an impressive jackpot of up to 100,000 coins, if you manage to find three or more Male Shamans anywhere on the reels. The Female Shaman will give you almost as big a prize, and if you land three of these symbols on the reels, you could win a 50,000 coins prize. Among the most valuable symbols in Shaman slot there is a Wolf, and this will also give you a good win.  You have to be lucky enough to find at least five of them on the reels to win the payout of 10,000 coins.

The Shaman himself is the Wild symbol in the game, and as such can replace any other symbol in the game. When you land a Wild on the middle reel, it can expand to cover that reel. This will allow you to form additional winning combinations. This reel then expands to the second and fifth reel, and they will also become expanding reels. All three reels will turn into Wild reels, and there will be even more winning possibilities.  There is no Scatter symbol, or bonus symbol in the Shaman slot.

A Take Risk Gamble Feature

The Shaman slot game has five reels and the option of only ten pay lines. You can control the game by the buttons found in each corner of the screen. You can set the value of the coin that you want to bet, and the pay lines can be controlled by the buttons at the side of the reels, as well as the number of coins you want to play per line. There is also an AutoPlay function for those who wish to use it.

Endorphina has decided to include a Gamble function in the Shaman slot. This can come into play after each win that you make. You press the button marked Take Risk, and you will see four cards placed face down, and one placed face up. You select one of the four face down cards, and if it has a higher value than the face up card, your winnings will be doubled. If the value of your chosen card is lower than the face up card, you will lose your winnings and be returned to the base game. So it is necessary to thin k carefully before making use of this feature.

Shaman slot game is well researched, with well designed graphics, and takes you into the world of mythology and mystery.

Safari slot

The Stunning Safari Slot Scenario

The African safari theme is very popular and works well with an online video slots game. Endorphina have decided to try their graphics expertise by making a new version of the African slots safari. The slot machine is set against the backdrop of an African sunset, complete with wandering game and birds, beautifully silhouetted against the orange and yellow sunset.

The Safari slot game has the standard 5 reels, with a large 50 pay lines on offer. The reel symbols players will be wanting to see appear on active pay lines include buffaloes, elephants, rhinos, lions and zebras. The symbols become animated when part of a winning combination. The additional items that found on the reels include paraphernalia normally associated with an African safari, such as the safari hat, compass, binoculars, suitcase and camera.

A Scatter Symbol Plus a Wild Symbol

The Scatter symbol in Safari slots is represented by a journal with the map of Africa embossed in gold on it. Should a player land 3 of these symbols anywhere on the reels, a valuable reward of 10 free spins is activated. During this Free Spins feature, each free spin spun adds an extra wild symbol to the reels and dramatically increases the odds of winning.

In Endorphina’s Safari slots game, the Wild symbol is represented by an envelope. This symbol can, to the benefit of the player, replace any game symbol except for the Scatter symbol.

Safari slot game, like all the Endorphina slots range, can easily be set to any required level of experience or budget. The coin sizes range from 0.01 to 5, which is the normal Endorphina range, and unashamedly pays homage to the thrill of real online casino NZ gambling with the high values.

The Safari Slot Gaming Details

The slots game contains 5 reels and 50 pay lines set in 4 rows. Players can affect a number of changes to graphics as well as sound effects using the settings button in the top-right corner of the display screen. Customisation extends to the auto-play feature which is also standard in Endorphina slots games and is so useful with extended playing.

The top jackpot prize in Safari slot is a humdinger of 100 000 coins. This grand prize is the reward for 5 lions appearing on an active pay line. This could even be worth 5x that amount when using the maximum coin value possible. In general, however, the high number of pay lines in the game indicates that the game is likely a low to medium volatility game with high numbers of small wins being characteristic of play.

Taking a Calculated Risk

In Safari slot, like all in the Endorphina range, has a significant Gamble feature on offer. Players are encouraged to take a risk after each win, and should always check out the cards dealt. In the game, 5 cards are dealt and then the first one is turned over. After seeing the card players can still opt out, but the aim is to select one of the four face-down cards that is higher than the face-up card. Obviously the chances of doing this are higher with a 2 than an ace or picture card.

Retromania slot

From the Years Before Colour Comes Retromania Slot

Retromania slot is a 5-reel video slot with 9 pay lines. The theme of the slots game is the appreciation of items from yesteryear that are no longer used, such as the instant camera and film, cassette tapes and records. The slot machine was developed by a Czech company called Endorphina that has been making ripples in the slots game development industry with their proficiency in the creation of Flash based slots games for online casinos.

Endorphina, as a general rule, produce games that have 10 pay lines and Retromania is a step away from the norm. Similarly, Endorphina slots are extremely well-known for their scintillating and original décor and symbol usage, yet Retromania slot game is the very epitome of drab and colourless.

Celebrating Real Slots Play

Optimistically described as a hipster slots game, Retromania is at best a medium volatility slot machine, with game play options and settings that favour the high roller. This is an Endorphina trend designed more to celebrate the art of slots play than favour heavier spenders, and generally the slots games they produce are artistic entertainment items in their own right.

Retromania slot boasts a relatively high pay-out percentage, and is positively regarded by the online casino community as worthwhile return percentage games. The coin value options start at just 0.01 or they can be increased up as high as 5. Up to 5 coins can be wagered on each of the nine pay lines, which adds up to a good and high roll.

Jackpots, Scatters and Wilds

The top jackpot on Retromania slots base game is 5000 coins. This prize is awarded to any player landing 5 typewriter symbols on an activated pay line. The other reel symbols such as the camera, the record, cassette tape, rotary dial telephone and radio also all carry significant wins for real money pokies players.

In Retromania slot the Star symbol is the Bonus Scatter symbol, and should be the primary aim of the player that they land at least three of them anywhere on the machine. When this combination appears on the first three reels, the Bonus game is activated with its lucrative rewards.

The Wild symbol in Retromania slot is the Girl symbols, and it behaves in the standard wild fashion by standing in all the symbols apart from the Scatter symbol, and five of these symbols on an activated pay line will see a win of 2000 coins.

The Bonus Board Game

The Bonus Game that is activated by the Scatter symbol is a second screen board game. Once triggered, players will find a set of mini slot reels to be spun and the aim is to create a winning combination on the bonus game-board by matching reel symbols from the spinning reels to those required in the board game.

Retromania slot was released in 2014, and has become remarkably popular, generating recognition for the developer, Endorphina. The pay lines are not fixed, although slots players are well aware of the advantages of playing with all the lines active. A feature of all Endorphina slots games is the Gamble feature whereby all wins can be wagered in a double or quits fashion by drawing a higher card than the house.

Pachamama slot

The Inca Earth Mother Goddess Comes to Life in Pachamama Slot

Pachamama is a little known Inca goddess who was regarded as the earth mother by the indigenous people of the Andes. This game by Endorphina brings her to life. The game uses symbols from the ancient Inca era, and places the game in the Amazon rainforests of South America. The background is the lush jungle of Peru, and the ruins of old temples of the Inca people form part of the setting.

Pachamama slot is a five reel game, with twenty five pay lines and three rows of mysterious symbols. As is the case with most of the games by Endorphina, this one also provides top quality graphics and animation, as well as sound effects and is featured on many of the top online Casino sites sites in Canada. The Dragon Fly that flutters above the reels during the game is the kind of detail in point. The control buttons are found along the top and bottom of the reels.

Mystical Symbols on Stone

Pachamama slot game is filled with mystical symbols, including old writing and drawings on the crumbling stone steps of a pyramid, including snakes and turtles. When a winning combination is formed on the reels, all the symbols become covered in gold, and the stones on which they are placed turn around. This is a most attractive feature of Pachamama slot game, and this slot game could be some of the developer’s finest work.

The Wild symbol is the Gold Icon. This symbol will appear anywhere on reels two, three and four, and when it does appear it can expand and cover the entire reel. The Wild can also substitute for any other symbol in the game, to form a winning combination, apart from the Scatter or Bonus symbol.

The Lucrative Chakana Bonus

The Scatter symbol is the Round Red Idol and does not activate any free spins round, but is the most valuable symbol in the game, and offers some great prizes. The Purple Idol in Pachamama slot game is the Bonus symbol. The Purple Idol can appear on reels three, four and five, and finding three or more of them on the reels will unlock the Chakana Bonus. This is a mini game that is played by climbing the pyramid. Each step of the pyramid holds a different multiplier, and the bonus win is determined by the position the player is on the pyramid.

The player can accept the current win, or try to make it larger. You can have three attempts to do this. If you hit the top of the pyramid, there will be a Gold Chakana Bonus round activated. In this feature, you need to pick one stone from each level, starting from the bottom of the pyramid. If you pick up a Snake the round is ended. If you win this round, you could end up with an impressive multiplier of 357 times your initial wager.

A Gamble Feature To Increase Winnings

Pachamama slot also offers a Gamble feature. From four face down cards, you pick one. If the value of your card is greater than the dealer’s card your winnings will be doubled. If the value is lower than the dealer’s card, you will lose that round and your winnings. This all or nothing feature has become an Endorphina trade mark.

There are not many more interesting slot games than Pachamama slot, with the mystical twists as well as great bonuses and high stakes that the game offers. The game play and layout is easy and very smooth to navigate.

More Fresh Fruits Slot

More Fresh Fruits Full of Clean, Vibrant Symbols

More Fresh Fruits slot game is a basic video slot game from Endorphina. There are five reels, and up to forty pay lines per spin, so there are plenty of winning opportunities. It will certainly be more profitable to play all of the forty optional pay lines so that you do not miss a winning combination, and allows you to play conservatively and keep the number of pay lines low, or to go adventurous and activate all forty pay lines to get the stakes higher.

Endorphina’s online pokies NZ games all have a very high payout percentage, and More Fresh Fruits slot is no exception.

The standard tasty and juicy fruit symbols are all present, and you will find Cherries, Melons, Lemons and Strawberries, as well as Coconuts, and the Bells. There are also some purple Lucky 7s. The colours are all bright and vibrant, with lots of green and plenty of summery colours. The background looks clean and fresh too, like the fruit, with a big splash of water across the reels. There is a simple design to the symbols, as well as the game play, making More Fresh Fruits slot a game that will appeal to players of all levels of expertise. The symbols that will give you the biggest rewards are the Golden Bell and the lucky Purple 7s.

A Great Jackpot Can Be Won

There is a pretty good jackpot offered in More Fresh Fruits slot, and if you manage to land five Purple 7s on any single pay line that you have chosen to activate, you will win the jackpot of and land a prize of one thousand coins.

You will also see a Gold Star in More Fresh Fruits slot game, and this will act as the Scatter symbol. Any combinations of Gold Stars anywhere on the reels during any single spin in the base game, will award you with a Scatter payout, and this will be a multiplier of your initial stake.

There is also a Wild symbol in More Fresh Fruits slot, and that is the Bar with the word Wild written across the face. This Wild symbol can replace any other symbol in the game to form a winning combination, with the exception of the Scatter symbol.

A Gamble Feature to Increase Your Winnings

More Fresh Fruits slot has a Gamble feature that you can make use of after any win, to try to increase your winnings. If you click on the Take Risk button you will be taken to a new screen with five cards displayed, four of them face down and one card turned face up.  You select one of the four face down cards, and if the value of the card is greater than the one shown face up, you will have your winnings doubled. If your card has a lower value than the face up card you will lose that round, and your winnings, and be returned to the base game. You can repeat this round as often as you dare, but a single wrong card will end it all.

The classic slots game featuring Fruit and Bars and Bells will always be popular with some players. With this game, More Fresh Fruits slot, Endorphina is catering to these fans of the old classic form of slots game that everyone loved.