The Best Comic Hero Slots Around

The Best Comic Hero Slots Around

Every now and again, the developers of slots games and the software required for powering them find something that really works, and one of the themes that definitely falls into this category is any story about comic book heroes. In recent years there has been an upsurge in movies and television series about the heroes of the comic books, with a corresponding increase in slots games with the same storylines. Indeed, some of these online slots games have become the most popular of all slots games.

Series of Marvel Comic Heroes

To immerse yourself in the great storylines with our leading comic heroes, you will find the leading range of slots games is undoubtedly Playtech’s Marvel range of online slots. This is probably the biggest range of superhero slot games you will find online, and without doubt one of the most popular. First introduced in 2005, each of these Playtech slot machines focuses on one of the super heroes in the Marvel series of comics, and produces some great storylines, top class graphics and cinema quality video animation. There is always great game play together with unique features that bring the titles and characters to life. The biggest Marvel games, traditionally, include Hulk, X-Men, Avengers and Ghost Rider.

For most comic book fans, the DC comic heroes were the original classic comic superhero icons that started the great comic revolution. Currently the biggest games in this range are Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. If you wish to immerse yourself in great storylines with our leading comic heroes will find yourself in great company.

Superhero Mythology Ever More Popular                                          

Superhero mythology has become so big and profitable in mass culture, that they have invaded every corner of popular entertainment, and this certainly includes the field of slots play. Whether you enjoy the old slots favourites like Superman or the X-Men or the more recent creations, there will be several great slots games for you to enjoy.  If you would like to immerse yourself in some great storylines with our leading comic heroes, it is certainly not difficult to find a wide variety of slots games to choose from.

Range of the Finest Slots Games

Online slots games have come a long way since the first online casino opened, over fifteen years ago. Today’s online pokies game not only offers outstanding graphics, animation and sound, but also great storylines to compliment your online bingo games. The superhero theme is firmly ingrained in modern culture, and players seek out slots games featuring their favourite characters. Most of the leading developers of slots games have promoted the idea that to immerse yourself in some great storylines with our leading comic heroes means you will enjoy some of the finest slots games around.

The partnership between online games developers and comic companies means plenty of slot games have leading comic book heroes, great storylines, action packed animations, all packed together into an awesome slots experience. To immerse yourself in some great storylines with our leading comic heroes is becoming easier and easier, and the games are proportionately getting better and better.

The Meaning Of High And Low Volatility Pokies

The Meaning Of High And Low Volatility Pokies

The Meaning Of High And Low Volatility Pokies

You may read a lot about the volatility of pokies when reading reviews or game rules.

Volatility refers to the risk and reward ratio for pokies and what type of bettor you are will at the end of the day determine which type of volatility you would prefer.

High Volatility Gaming

High volatility games mean that the player will need to make regular wagers in order to receive a low odds but high pay off win.

For example if you buy a lottery ticket, you face some high odds against actually winning the lotto jackpot, but once you do it more than makes up for the money you spent purchasing lottery tickets.

In this way high volatility pokies are like a long term investment. You may not win regularly but it’s the eventual high payout wins that make up for the lulls in your winnings.

High Volatility Features

High volatility pokies can be 5 reel slots, classic three reel slots or progressive slots. They do not really conform to one singular style of slot.

What makes a game a high volatility pokie is the symbol combinations which are harder to hit than other slots.

This means that the icons will take longer to line up and form winning combinations, but they have massive payouts when they do hit.

They can also feature bonus rounds that are hard to trigger but reward you with many free spins and cash prizes.

Low Volatility Gaming

Low volatility pokies are the other side of this spectrum. They are for players who enjoy making regular wins, even though the high odds make the eventual payouts quite low.

The regularity of the payouts eventually adds up. Low volatility slots are for players focused on long term rewards.

They usually require a lot more focus and strategy as you need to make every win count. You also need to know when raising your wagers could be beneficial and when to ease back on your active paylines.

Low Volatility Features

Low volatility pokies will have symbols that regularly line up to reward you with small wins. This generally causes players to enjoy themselves more, even with the lower payouts because you still feel rewarded.

Just like with high volatility slots, there will usually be a bonus game that is easy to activate and most often awards free spins rather than big cash prizes. Low volatility slots usually features lower wager limits as the focus isn’t on huge payouts as much as it is on regular small wins.

Combination Pokies

Many modern pokies try and combine high and low volatility aspects into a single game. For instance a low volatility game may have the regular landing of the low payout symbols as the standard game feature, but the developers may also include a progressive jackpot that will hit once in a blue moon but it will pay out a massive jackpot.

What determines at the end of the day, which pokie is best comes down to your preference as a player. Try out games for free first and get a feel for the games volatility, then decide if you want to invest real money into the game or not.

Types of pokies explained

Types of pokies explained

Types of Pokies Explained

Pokies are immensely popular with online casino players. They come in a range of shapes and sizes and this is probably why they are so commonly played. There is literally something for everybody when it comes to pokies.

Below is a list of the most common pokie types, but it should be noted that even within these 5 broad categories there are more sub divisions that can be added. Pokies are a rich source of real money casino fun.

They also benefit greatly from their simple rules and controls which makes them instantly playable on desktop as well as mobile touch screen devices for a comprehensive gaming experience no matter which way you play.

The Classic Games

Classic pokies feature instantly recognisable icons and symbols for anyone with even just a passing familiarity with casino gaming. The symbols used are classic casino iconography like the lucky 7’s, golden bells, the BAR symbols and more. Classic pokies are also known as fruit machines, a name they earned because of the various fruity symbols that featured on the original mechanical machine’s reels.

Classic pokies feature 3 reels and a single payline making it a simple, fuss free play experience. It also makes these pokies cheaper to play as you only need to wager on a single payline, meaning you can play with the Max Bet active more often.

There can occasionally be bonus games and free spins but generally classic slots only offer you a wild symbol as a bonus feature.

Online Video Pokies

Video Pokies is essentially a catch all term for the majority of online pokies. The term comes from digitals pokie games of the 80’s but they have evolved into modern day online pokies. Generally these games feature 5 reels, free spins, bonus games, wild symbols and scatter symbols.

They really come in a variety of forms making an exact definition of what constitutes a video pokie tough. That said they offer unique themes for players to enjoy from movies to music to anything in popular culture.

They feature multiple paylines that range anywhere from 9 to 100. Some can even have over a 1000 ways to pay. Video Pokies are a favourite for many casino players because they offer colourful, fun and diverse game play.

Mega Spin Games

Mega Spin Pokies are technically a sub category but they are so unique that they deserve their own entry. These games are similar to multi-hand Poker or Blackjack games.

Players have multiple slot reels to play at the same time so that you maximise your chances to win on each spin.

Of course the catch is that you will need to wager enough on each spin to activate all of the available reels, but you will of course also increase your chance to win.

Progressive Jackpot Pokies

Progressive Pokies are the big daddies of the online pokie world. These games can make lucky players instant millionaires.

Progressive Pokies feature a jackpot system where the total amount that can be won increases each time a player wins.

What makes these jackpots so massive is that all the pokies who are part of the progressive jackpot contribute on each and every win.

This means that an online casino player in Brazil, or India, or America will keep making the jackpot grow each time they win. This global jackpot network makes Progressive Pokies well worth your time.

online casino

online casino

Essentials For Online Casino Play

Players in quest of premium online casino entertainment here at will find this factual account of online providers fully accessible and geared towards an experience rather than just a provider offering online fun.

Here at we bring players the most rewarding online casino platforms that are perfectly optimized to accommodate players in quest of the ultimate online provider.

Online casino providers offer players a virtual casino setup, loaded with an astonishing assortment of gaming libraries and popular mainstream games. Players opting for online play will be elated by the unique creativity that exists in the online market place.

Providers operating online are not bound to the same conformities as brick and mortar establishments. Providers can make use of various gaming software, each possessing its own distinct assortment of titles and features, which makes the online experience unique.

The online casino options available to players embody holistic approaches to online gaming, with a multiplicity of genres and titles online casino play keeps taking leaps for the gaming community across the globe.

Casino Platforms

With technology steadily improving and creating virtual market spaces, this allows players to access online casinos from an assortment of devices, which in turn have made providers adapt to the times.

Nearly all highly regarded online establishments now offer players a diverse assortment of platforms, optimized for a particular device choice.

We dive into each platform and device on offer here at contributing to a wide selection of entertainment, perfectly assimilated to your individual gaming needs.

No Download Required For Play

No download casino platforms are one of the most popular casino platforms for their easy access and hassle free instantaneous setups.

Players in quest of casual gaming here at should consider no download play or flash casino platforms. Flash casino platforms are instantaneously launched through the devices browser. This means players simply access the providers website, sign in ad setup on a game within seconds.

Made possible through flash and java software packages, no download play is suited for players looking for hassle free gaming, which requires no download or installation of software.

Players here at should be aware that the no download version of the casino may be subject to less overall features and titles. Certain providers will also render the graphical displays at lower outputs to accommodate java scripts.

The functionality of the casino and the games on offer in no download remain almost identical to other casino platforms. This casino platform remains a solid choice for players in quest of casual gaming and light entertainment.

Download Only Platforms

Players seeking download play options here at will be elated by the platforms diversity and wide spread functionality.

Download or viper casino platforms require a download from the Internet to a device, usually a desktop or laptop computer. Players would babes download the casino operating software in order to sign in and initiate game play.

Widely praised for its diverse functionality and richly immersive environments, which portray richly captivating games, viper casino platforms are designed for regular players seeking the ultimate online casino experience.

With richer graphics owed to the download cache and speeds of the processor able to buffer games at superior frame rates, download casino platforms offer players an immersive gaming environment that is easy to launch once the installation procedure has been bypassed.

Players here at, opting for the download version of an online provider will be delighted to learn that download casino platforms offer a wider selection of features, games and functionality.

These set of characteristics vary with each provider’s platform. Generally, viper platform versions will allow for a wider selection of games coupled with better graphical output.

A greater selection of features, such as slots tournaments, which are not available to players on flash versions and more advanced options within the casinos functionality, such as the ability to use less opted for depositing methods.

The Ultimate Devices

Here at we strive to provide players with a full house account of platforms and devices in order to ensure that an individuals requirements and particular gaming needs are satisfied on a holistic scale.

The team here at have considered every modern and traditional device that can be opted for in order to experience the most thrilling and satisfying online gaming possible.

Players searching for optimal devices will be elated with modern technology that has done a superb job at bridging every specific market requirement.

New age advancements have brought the mobile generation to life while casino providers still cater for a more wholesome experience on more conventional static devices such as desktops and laptops.

Traditional Devices

Traditional devices are still widely used and maintain a stronghold on all online casino providers’ servers.

Players here at making use of traditional devices such as desktops or laptops, will be delighted to learn that the majority of online casino providers and platforms still cater to this most widely accessible market.

This means players will experience the best possible versions of the casino software and platform from traditional devices, such as static URL based desktops or laptops.

Conventional URL surfing is mostly geared towards download and no download versions of the casinos operating software. Desktop computers remain static while laptop play affords a certain freedom and mobility, which must eventually become grounded and static in nature.

Modern Mobile Devices

Modern mobile devices are imbued with smart capability that accelerates the devices usability in chilling forms. The majority of modern mobile devices have the same if not better functionality than entry-level laptops.

Players in quest of the best device for online casino play here at should consider their gaming needs before opting for mobile play.

Mobile devices run on specific operating systems, which determine the devices functionality and aesthetic appeal of the gaming platform. Android and IOS devices dominate the market with a sufficient spread of applications available for each.

Players not phased by complicated downloading structures and other functionality will be delighted to hear, the majority of online casino providers have bridged this gap by offering players a solid mobile casino experience through browser play also known as no download play.

Browser play affords an online gaming experience through the mobile devices browser, much like the no download version of traditional devices.

Mobile platforms are simply an extension of the casinos operating software. With technology improving year on year and the demand for mobile play, providers are stepping up to the plate, developing mobile play versions that are set for a bright future.


Online Casino

Online Casino

  What Is An Online Casino?

An online casino is the modern world’s take on the old brick and mortar casinos’ that are still so extremely popular in Dubai and the rest of the world. These casinos are often totally internet based and can be found using a web browser. In the old day’s one would have to go down to the local casino in Dubai, and find your way through the crowds in order to play casino games and stand a chance at winning a jackpot. These days if you are from Dubai you only need to go online to find an online casino where you can play a large number of games.

Online Games

Online casinos have a large selection of online games which one can play. These games are all of the old favourites that one would expect to find in a brick and mortar casino. Games range from things like slots to table games to even lesser known games in some online casinos in Dubai.

Slots are one of the most popular games which can be found in an online casino. There are a vast number of different titles, as well as a large number of different types.  Modern online slots often have very good graphics and offer things such as jackpots, second screen bonus rounds and even progressive jackpots in some cases.

Table games in an online casino in Dubai can be very much like table games in a brick and mortar casino, or they can be more like a video game. Some online casinos offer live table games, where one can actually link into a live feed from a brick and mortar casino and play a table game such as Poker with other real players and a live dealer. The video game style table games are mostly just the player against the computer, which offers one a good chance to build up table game skills and knowledge.

How Do I Play At An Online Casino?

The first thing that you will need in order to play a game or two in an online casino in Dubai is a device with which to contact the casino. This can be a computer such as a desktop or a laptop or a mobile device such as a tablet or a smart phone. As long as you have a decent, secure internet signal and a device with a screen on which you can play games, you will be able to access the online casinos.

Using your search engine, look for real money online slots casinos from your region. Being specific as to which region of Dubai you are in will help when finding a casino which accepts players from the region in which you are. When you enter Online Casino in Dubai, you will most likely come up with a lot of different options. Take the time to look at each casino carefully, reading reviews on how they run before committing to any particular online casino

An online casino will require you to create a membership with them in order to play games. To do this you will need proof of ID and maybe a credit card or banking details. Again, before providing this to anyone, make sure that the casino is well known and secure. 

Casino Online

Casino Online

Casino Online Options for Players in Dubai

 Many people from Dubai these days do not bother to go to the brick and mortar casinos in order to play casino games and possibly win a jackpot. In the olden days going to a casino could become an all night affair, with large crowds and many other things to contend with. These days the more popular option in Dubai is to make use of a casino online. These casinos can be found on the internet and offer the same variety of games that the old brick and mortar casinos did. Finding and joining them is not hard as long as you fit the criteria and have access to the internet.

Finding and Joining A Casino Online

To find one of the casinos online, you will have to have a device on which to access the internet. In the past, this was mostly done on computers such as desktops or laptops. These days however many people are making use of their mobile devices. As long as your mobile device is a smart device, which means that it can open apps, and you can play games on it, you can use it for playing games at a casino online.

Open your web browser in whichever device you wish to use. Using your search engine, look for casino online in Dubai. Mentioning your specific region will help to narrow down the vast amount of results which will come up, and help you to wade through them to find the right casino online for you. Not all of the casinos online are the same, some offer different games to others, and some accept players from different regions of the world, including Dubai.

Once you have found the correct casino online, you will need to create a membership with them. This can be done on the actual site, by finding the button that says something like Join Now. The casino will require certain documents such as proof of identity and possibly bank details in order to ascertain that you are of legal age.

Playing Games

Once you have created your membership with the casino, you will be granted access to the various games that the casino offers. Some of the games can sometimes be played for free money in order to get the hang of how they work. Often you won’t be able to win any real money when playing these free games, but they are good practice.

Real money games can range in anything from table games to Canadian online slots. Online slots are particularly popular due to their video game like nature. Modern ones have graphics and game play that are similar to playing a real video game. They can offer jackpots, free spins, progressive jackpots and a number of other special attractions. The theme behind online slots is the same as behind regular slots, spinning reels to line up identical symbols in order to win money.

Table games in a casino online in Dubai can be the same as playing in a brick and mortar casino in Dubai or can be more video game based depending on what you prefer. Some casinos offer live table games and some offer table games that you can join along with other real people, but the dealer is computer based as is the screen which you look at. There are a vast number of different gaming options available when using a casino online.

online casino list

online casino list

Creating an Online Casino List to Try

One of the best ways for USA players to find casino gaming online is to create prospective casino packages composed of various factors found online that make up the aspects to these sites. Effectively what players are doing I’d creating an online casino list that they can then use as reference to track down and find the top sites they want to try out.

What this does is over time players will develop quite comprehensive lists that contain rather specific aspects that players gel with particularly on the online platform, making the process involved one that is constantly improving and learning.

In order to build such an online casino list however the players of the USA require some fundamental principles regarding this online industry that offer guidelines toward what factors make for an effective online site. There are a couple of these factors and for a good degree of them the players preferences play a defining role so the requirement on their part is to constantly and progressively keep asking themselves whether the casino setup they are creating is the ideal one for them and their situation. By the end players should have a pretty could idea of what they are fundamentally after.

Starting to Compose the Online Casino List

Since there are quite a few factors involved and the preferences at the end of the day rest with the players, the order of these factors has no specific bearing on the proceedings. A good place to start with any online casino list however is the safety and security prospects involved with the particular sites. What these essentially do is create a comfortable and inviting online environment that players can feel relaxed about engaging with and betting across, which is an invaluable peace of mind. Of course this aspect involves varying degrees of this security, including the likes of end to end encryption, secured banking options and even unlimited players support. These all help to make the online environment a safe one to be around.

Not only do the aforementioned factors pertain to the security involved but they also often suggest a good deal about the casino site as a whole and can often be used as reference for further investigation.

Another factor that plays a key role but rests purely in the hands of the players is quite literally the platform chosen for playing online. Building an online casino list out of sites catering to the specific medium available to the players is one of the more crucial steps and also serves as further indication on whether the site is truly capable or not.

A Few More Factors for the List

Other factors that players of the USA should certainly consider as they build up their online casino list is the games and bonuses they would ultimately like to encounter. These include the broad-spectrum gaming options like table games and slots as well as different types of games like video poker and live gaming.

Preferential treatment is recommended in this pursuit, as well as the one regarding bonuses involved. Here the most common bonus is the welcome one and players might enjoy shopping around for some of the more inviting ones to include amongst their already growing online casino list.

Online casino in USA

Online casino in USA

Finding an Online Casino in USA

The online casino industry is huge and no matter a player hails from he or she must always be sure to only sign up and play at reputable online casinos. This is especially the case for players in the United States of America as state laws and legislation limits them to accessibility to all online casinos.

Regardless of this, USA players do have access to many online casinos but, as is the case around the world, only the best sites should ever be considered. Finding an online casino in USA that is reputable is not hard and can be done by doing a little research online.

Rating an online casino in USA involves finding out if it meets certain criteria. Many professionals and players who have experienced the various online casinos review and rate them to give others a clear indication of what to expect.

Online Casinos Rated the Best

An online casino in USA will be rated amongst the best if the criteria is met. This includes a number of aspects from safety and security to bonus offers and casino game selections.

The most important aspects to look for in an online casino in USA are whether it accepts US players and US$, whether it is licensed legally and follows all regulations of the jurisdiction and whether the online casino provides a safe environment.

Licenses are granted by certain jurisdictions around the world and locally. Local jurisdictions such as Nevada and New Jersey license online casinos operating from within the state and only allow players from within the state.

These online casinos that are rated reputable will follow strict security protocols and make use of technology that secures all player details and financial transactions. Commitment to responsible gaming is a must along with fraud prevention.

An online casino in USA must provide contactable customer support, a variety of accessible banking methods and generous bonuses. Pay out percentages, seals of approval and software platforms are also aspects considered when rating online casinos.

Online Casino Games for USA Players

An online casino in USA is most definitely rated for its software platform and the casino games available. Whether the casino is downloadable, non-downloadable or a combination of both it should be run on quality software that is fast to load, easy to install and provides good quality graphics and other game features.

Practically all of the top rated online casinos in the USA have a mobile platform which supplies a variety of best iPhone slots games in mobile compatible formats. The mobility of the mobile platform does not mean, for example, that a player from New Jersey may leave the state and continue playing as state laws must be adhered to.

Casino games including roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps and various other online table games can be played on the various platforms as well as video poker games and online slots. Certain features, graphics and animations may be lost when playing on the non-downloadable platform but this does not mean the winning chances are hampered in any way. Downloading the casino games that are powered by the leading software developers at the top rated online casinos in the USA are done so safely and quickly.

Online Casino Games USA

Online Casino Games USA

Casino games are games that have been played for many years in brick and mortar establishments. These are usually games of chance on which the player can place a wager. Vehicles of chance such as die or playing cards are often used in the games. Recently casino games have become more and more popular, especially since they are now able to be played by pretty much anyone in the world and the USA as long as they have an internet connection.

Online casino games USA are games that can be found online, or on the internet. These games can be played for either real or free money depending on which you prefer. Online casino games USA are as varied, if not more so, than casino games in brick and mortar establishments. There is something out there for almost every taste.

How can I Play Online Casino Games USA?

The first thing you will need is a device on which to play the games. Online casino games USA are virtual, meaning they do not exist as physical entities. They are software that can be accessed via a computer or a mobile device. Computers make use of online casinos that often have a wider range of Online casino games USA than mobile ones do. This is because a computer has a higher processing power as well as more memory in which to store games.

Online casino games USA can be played in two main ways like cricket betting. Some casinos require you to download a piece of software in order to play their games. This can be done on both a computer and a mobile device. To do this you will need enough memory on your device, and enough data to download the software. The advantage of this method is the games are usually higher in graphics and there is more variety of them.

The second way is to play directly via your internet browser. This does not require you to save anything to your device at all. The games offered via this method are not as graphically intense however due to the fact that they have to be stored and accessed on the casinos own servers.

Kinds of Online Casino Games USA

Players in the USA have access to pretty much every kind of casino game under the sun by making use of online casino games USA. You do not even have to leave your home to play them either. All the old favourites that can be found in brick and mortar casinos can be found online, and some new ones too.

Slots are a particularly popular form of online casino games USA. These days’ modern slots come complete with animations, story lines and even progressive jackpots. The graphics in modern video slots rival some animated movies. Slots are fast paced and aesthetically pleasing, offering players the feeling of playing a video game while still having the potential to win a jackpot.

Table games are another popular form of online casino games USA. These staples of the brick and mortar casino world have also been given a new life with the online casinos. Every form of table game under the sun can be found, including favourites such as Poker, Black Jack and Roulette. Different varieties of favourites are also on offer for those that wish to find them. Lesser known games, which may not be able to be found in brick and mortar casinos such as Pai Gow, can be played online too.

online casino games real money

online casino games real money

Online Casino Games Real Money Action Awaits

With the sheer volume of possible online gaming it is rather hard to ignore the medium as a valuable resource to find some quality casino experiences online. Despite the appeal and atmosphere that the land based counterpart of casino gaming brings to the table, the offers of online casino games real money opportunity are just far more equipped, versatile and most importantly accessible from pretty much anywhere. All told, this form of gaming is sweeping the world over, with even the USA and her players getting a little piece of the puzzle.

The level of reach and accessibility that is than afforded to the players through educated and carefully undertaken online casino games real money action is really unparalleled, sporting various gaming options across most every platform and genre of casino gaming as well as various additional online features including support and security aids and even bonuses and sign up benefits. All of these aspects of online gaming and more await discovery and interpretation, because without the latter, the first step becomes both risky and rather difficult.

Gaming Responsibly and Online Casino Options

It is important to remember that the online world is filled with pretty much most things devisable for that medium and as a result can be a rather large and unforgiving place, a lot like outer space in a way, full of mystery and danger but with the potential to be navigated through if the correct precautions are taken.

The spacecraft and suit then required for online navigation and exploration is understanding and intuition, both of which can be refined through studying up on the risks at play, the top online casinos that show efforts into appeasing these risks and the sites reviewing these casinos, cross checking validity and transparency. This combination should prepare players to find all the top online casino games real money action they care to discover, in a more controlled and coordinated way.

In terms of the different online casino options available to the players, the pursuit here should be to enjoy the discovery. With the responsibility of gaming in mind, a healthy degree of exploration across casino will help players gauge which aspects they find most appealing and integral to the online casino games real money action process. Here they can try bonuses, different types of banking options and security features as well as other additional benefits like dedicated support, unique and specific gaming setups as well as even perhaps platform preferences should players in the USA find mobile gaming the preferred choice.

Some Casino Games and Final Thoughts

On the topic of casino games that players looking for online casino games real money action might discover, there are quite a few different classes of games, including the likes of the more popular genres like table and slot gaming. The different games hold obviously different bonuses and features attached, as well as preferred platform methods and for some instances online casino sites altogether. All in all though this, like the choice to play these games for real money or not, is a choice made by the players, and in places like the USA the options extends to even encompass the land based gaming available around the country.