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Fantastic Four Video Slots Game Explored for Players

Fantastic Four Video Slots Game Explored for Players

Fantastic Four is a video slots game that offers its players five reels and twenty pay lines to play on. It gives them a range of wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, and four additional bonus features, as well as the chance to land one of the Marvel progressive jackpots. The game has been developed by Playtech and is based on the Marvel superhero comic books of the same name, which have more recently been transformed into major action movie motion picture productions.

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Review of Enchanted Crystals Video Slots

Review of Enchanted Crystals Video Slots

Enchanted Crystals is a video slots game designed and developed by Play N Go. In contrast to most of their other games, this Enchanted Crystals video slots casino game does not feature any pay lines but, instead, offers two hundred and forty-three ways of winning. This means that any combination running from the left to the right on adjacent reels will result in a winning combination being formed. While this does decrease the amount of the actual individual wins, it also means that more wins are landed more often.

The Enchanted Crystals Theme

The theme of the Enchanted Crystals video slots game draws heavily from the fairy genre in a semi-magical theme. High quality graphics, a casual soundtrack, and well-fitting sound effects aid the feel of the theme.

Various different fairies make up the bulk of the main symbols. There are also butterflies and a goblin, who steals crystals during the Enchanted Crystals bonus game.

When players land winning combinations, the symbols will light up, with little twinkles all around them. The music is rhythmic and soothing during most of the game, but becomes more intense during the bonus features, especially when players come to the part where they enter the goblin’s lair.

The top paying symbol is the fairy with blonde hair, which pays out fifteen coins when players land five in a row. The other fairies pay out either five, seven, or eight coins.


Enchanted Crystals Bonus Features

There are three special bonus symbols in Enchanted Crystals that lead to bonus features or special rewards.

The crystal symbol is the expanding wild, which can land in the three middle reels and expand to cover all three rows. For each crystal landed, players will be rewarded with one re-spin. The wild reels will remain sticky, which increases players’ chances of being rewarded with some nice wins.

The goblin is another bonus symbol. Landing three goblin symbols on the first, third, and fifth reels will trigger the bonus round, where players will have to reach the goblin’s lair in a pick-em bonus game. Players will see a bunch of fairy crystals stolen by the goblin, and then they will follow the goblin down into his lair. The player will control a fairy character and pick a path that will lead into the goblin’s chamber. Each pick will reveal either gems, which will be counted as coins, or the goblin. If players land upon the goblin, the round will end. Players can win up to five hundred times their original bet in this special bonus feature.

The third bonus symbol is the butterfly. Landing three butterfly symbols will trigger the Enchanted Crystal free spins bonus game. During the free spins bonus round, players will be greeted by a new and different special butterfly symbol. The main base game butterfly is perched on a flower, but this special butterfly symbol is viewed from above. During the free spins round, up to five of these butterflies will fly on to the reels at online casinos Australia, turning the relevant symbols into wild symbols. This results in numerous additional winnings, making the free spins round lucrative to Enchanted Crystals players.

The Eagles Wings Slot Game in Detail for Players

The Eagles Wings Slot Game in Detail for Players

Eagles Wings is a video slot game designed and developed by Microgaming. The game is focused on North America’s nature, and players will be able to view the scenic beauty of North America through the eyes of the eagle. The bird’s eye view reveals images with high quality graphics, in addition to well-adjusted sound effects to aid the visual imagery.

Some Eagles Wings Basics

The Eagles Wings video slots game offers players five reels and twenty-five pay lines to play on. It features various special bonuses as well as large payout opportunities. The game offers its players wild symbols and stacked wilds, scatter symbols, a free spins round, and various multipliers.

The Free Spins Bonus Round

The Eagles Wings video slots game offers players a Lucky Eagle bonus round, which can be triggered by landing either three, four, or five of the Lucky Eagle coin scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels.

During the Lucky Eagle bonus round, casino players can pick any three coins from a selection of coins, which will reward them with up to sixty free spins. These free spins can be re-triggered numerous times to an almost limitless number, giving players reward payouts of over ninety thousand coins.

All free spins come with a three-time multiplier, further increasing wins made during this round.


The Eagles Wings Wild Symbol

The Eagles Wings video slots game also includes a wild symbol, which will substitute any of the other symbols, except for the scatter symbol, represented by the gold coin, and thereby help players complete winning pay lines and make up the best possible winning combinations.

In addition to substituting other symbols, the wild symbol is also stacked and will double the payouts of any winning combinations that it forms a part of, making the Eagles Wings wild particularly lucrative for increased winnings at android casinos Australia.

Eagles Wings Symbols and Payouts

All symbols in the game are related to the eagle theme. There is an actual Eagles Wings symbols, as well as a gold coin symbol, which acts as the scatter, a salmon jumping out of a lake, a pair of baby eagles in a nest, a squawking eagle, and a flying eagle symbol. These eagle symbols are in addition to the standard poker value playing card symbols, which include the ten, jack, queen, king, and ace.

Wins will always be paid out from the left to the right, except for the scatter symbols, which will count to activate the free spins round no matter where they land.

Landing three or more of any of the Eagles Wings video slots game symbols will result in payouts of between two times and five hundred times the original bet. Landing four or five symbols in a row on an active pay line will result in higher rewards.

The highest paying symbol in the Eagles Wings video slots game is the wild symbol. Landing five of these on an active pay line will reward players with a payout of one thousand coins. This is the game’s top fixed jackpot.


Online Dino Might Slots Review for New Players

Online Dino Might Slots Review for New Players

Dino Might is an online slot machine game, based around a prehistoric animals theme. It uses a five reel, thirty payout line system, and allows players to adjust play lines and the betting amount as they prefer. There is a scatter symbol that will grant a number of free spins, as well as a wild symbol, which may match with any other symbols as a substitute.

The game is outstanding in that it uses high quality hand drawn images, each portraying a dinosaur in impressive comic-style detail. The game is available on desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone. Note that the game is optimised for play on home computer, not requiring any permanent download, but is also playable on mobile devices. The graphics of the game specifically, being bold and easy to identify even on small screens, allows for a good game experience even on phones with small screens.

Basic Play Rules

In order to play the game, first decide on a betting amount, and the number of lines on which you would like to play. This can be adjusted via the interface found at the bottom of the screen. Note that the higher the betting amount, the more will be won for each matching sequence achieved.

Also note that betting lines may be reduced, which will save on the initial betting amount required, but that lower bet lines mean there is a reduced chance of a sequence being matched. It is best to raise and lower these options as the game progresses, in order to find a balance between cost and winnings. Once the betting amount is decided, the spin button may then be clicked, which can be found in the lower left of the screen in online gambling Australia. The reels will be put into motion and eventually come to a stop. All winning sequences will be marked and appropriate payouts made. The bet and betting lines may then again be adjusted, and another spin taken.


Standard Play Symbols

Each symbol, represented by a dinosaur or prehistoric plant, has a certain value that will be paid out upon the symbols being matched. The most valuable symbol in the game is the tyrannosaurus rex, which will give a good payout if matched with itself the maximum of five times. The least valuable symbols in the game are the plants, which will give low payouts, even if matching the maximum of five times. The real money, however, is found in the game’s bonus symbols and special feature mini-games.

Bonus Symbols

The Dino Might logo is the game’s wild symbol, which will match with other symbols to create matching sequences. And, if matched five times, the Dino Might symbol will grant a massive once off payout. The mosquito in amber symbol is a scatter symbol, and if matching on reels three, four and five will trigger a bonus mini-game. In this mini-game the player is given a number of free spins, which will begin to play out automatically. If the mighty multiplier is landed during the free spins, each win achieved will payout up to five times the normal amount.

Cops N Bandits Online Slots Introduced to Players

Cops N Bandits Online Slots Introduced to Players

Cops N Bandits is an online slot machine game, created by Playtech. It features a five reel, thirty play line system, as well as having a few bonus features. The visual style of the game is based around the theme of two clumsy bandits on the run from a police officer. These characters are brought to life with charming cartoon images, sure enchant players and keep them hoping for the bandits to continue evading the law.

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A Closer Look at Chimney Stacks Slot by Bally

A Closer Look at Chimney Stacks Slot by Bally

Chimney Stacks, created by Bally Technologies, is an online slot machine game. It features a more understated design then some other slot machines games, but makes up for this by having a unique design feature that allows for easier match making, therefore granting players an added advantage. The visual design of the game is based around rooftop decorations, as the name suggests, and is brought to life by a set of charming symbol designs. Look out also for the free spins bonus feature, which can quickly put a player in the money.

The Chimney Stacks is available for play via computer, and can be opened in a web browser with no permanent download required. The game has also been optimised for phone and tablet player like mobile poker online Australia, offering a perfect game play experience on modern portable devices. If wanting to play on a mobile device, please download the game via the appropriate application store, allow it to install, and simply tap the game’s icon. Note that the game is also available for free play, allowing gamblers to test the fame thoroughly before committing any real cash.

Standard Symbol Design

Chimney Stacks does not feature the flashy graphics and effects seen in other games, using instead simple, bold designs that are easily recognisable, and therefore easily visible on smaller mobile device screens. The most valuable symbol in the game is the top hot, and will give a substantial payout if matching with itself the maximum of five times. The least valuable symbol is the nine of playing cards, which is arranged in a set of nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. Some of the other symbols are a weathervane and a bellows. The real money, however, is found with the game’s bonus symbols, which will trigger massive payouts and special features.


Bonus Game Symbols and Features

The wild symbol in the game is easily recognisable by the word wild, positioned above the city skyline. This symbol may match with all other symbols in the game, creating matching sequences were none were possible. For example, a wild symbol may match with two aces, creating a sequence of three aces.

Two wilds may also match with two aces, creating a four aces winning sequence. Notable also is that the game allows rows of wild symbols, also referred to as stacked symbols, which may occupy an entire reel in the play area. This will allow multiple matches to be created at once. The scatter symbol in Chimney Stacks is represented by a symbol with the words free games clearly displayed. Match this symbol in any position three times to trigger the bonus sequence. During this sequence the player is instantly granted ten free spins, during which every win achieved is paid out at four times the current bet. This means that is always beneficial for the player to bet as much as possible, given that free spin sequences will be more lucrative. It is best, however, to lower and raise bets during the course of the game, minimising loses and maximising wins as best as possible. Keeping the bet high constantly will inevitably result in losses.