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A Glance at Net Entertainment’s Launch of Aliens Slot

A Glance at Net Entertainment’s Launch of Aliens Slot

Licensed slots games are enjoying particular popularity at the moment, with Microgaming having one of their biggest successes ever with the launch of The Dark Knight Rises. This company has gone into preproduction for a Terminator 2 slots game as well, and the Marvel range from Playtech continues to climb the charts. iSoftBet has gotten into the game with Beverly Hills 90210, and they are hopeful that their game based on the 24 television series will enjoy the same level of success, but fans of horror films wait with bated breath as Net Entertainment launches Aliens slot officially.

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Looking at Bingo Bonus Offers for Online Players

Looking at Bingo Bonus Offers for Online Players

With the amount of online casinos available today, each casino competes for players’ attention by offering a number of unique rewards. Play bingo bonus offers are a way for casinos to provide an incentive to both new and existing players, encouraging them to make real money deposits into their player accounts. Players can play bingo bonus offers to increase their chances of winning a bingo jackpot at no extra cost to them, as well as to test and experience a casino’s real money bingo games before signing up to play them.

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Earn Glory & Cash From the Wild Knights King!

Earn Glory & Cash From the Wild Knights King!

The Wild Knights Kings Ransom slot game is a creation of Barcrest Software. It is based loosely around the King Arthur myth, although this is a distant connection at best. In general the game’s theme is rather vague, and doesn’t tell any particular story. This is a bit disappointing, given how much effort has been put into the themes of some other slot games. But the Wild Knights Kings Ransom slot game is extremely popular, which means that more must be going on then just the mediocre graphics and theme. Let’s take a look at the game play.

The Wild Knights Kings Ransom slot game uses a 5 reel, 10 betting line system. It will be immediately noticed that the betting lines are manually adjustable, and can be raised or lowered between spins. This is already good news for those who enjoy a more strategic approach to slot games. The next feature that deserves special mention is the Big Bet button, found to the left of the spin button. By tapping or clicking this button the player is given the option to not only massively increase betting lines, but also drastically increase the payouts of wins. The Wild Knights Kings Ransom slot game may not be dazzling in terms of visual design, but it certainly delivers and excellent game play experience.

Symbol Designs In Detail

The graphics of the Wild Knights Kings Ransom slot game are also not anything to write home about, which has already been made clear. But let’s have a closer look at some of the symbols and their payout value. King Arthur is the most valuable symbol, easily recognisable by the gold crown on his head. Matching him the maximum of 5 times will result in an excellent standard payout.

The other main picture symbols follow a simple pattern, being a red, purple and green helmet. The red helmet is the most valuable, the purple the second most valuable, and green the least valuable. The remaining symbols are taken from playing cards, including 10, jack, queen, king and ace. The symbols are not going to blow any minds with creativity, but it must be said that it is extremely easy to keep track of them, and hence understand the workings of the game.

Symbols And Specials

There are two main bonus symbols in the Wild Knights Kings Ransom slot game which is thought to be one of the best online pokies in Australia. The first is the shield symbol. If matched at least 3 times the shields will trigger an unlimited free spins sequence. The player will initially be given 10 free spins, but may gain an unlimited number of extra free spins by matching the shields again and again.

The second bonus symbol is the pot of gold symbol. Matching the pot of gold symbol will trigger a mini-game. The player must select pots of gold, revealing prizes beneath. Pots of gold may keep being selected until a booby prize is selected, and the collect button lights up. It need not be said that lucky players can make an extremely large sum of money in this game, assuming that the booby prize is avoided for long enough. Wither way, a good payout is all but guaranteed.

Pillage The Countryside as a Wild Knight

Pillage The Countryside as a Wild Knight

The Wild Knights slot game is brought to you by Barcrest Software. It supports the Hi Roller system, which is an innovative new feature that gives players a deeper level of control over the proceedings. In conjunction with the Hi Roller feature is a 5 reel, 10 betting line play system, which changes dramatically with the Hi Roller function activated. All in all, slot game players who enjoy a strategic, hands-on approach will find the Wild Knights slot game to be a highly rewarding play experience.

In terms of graphics and presentation the Wild Knights slot game is nothing to write home about, with the theme of the game based around medieval knights. There is only a single symbol which features detailed artwork, with the rest being rather bland and uncreative. The game was never designed to be striking visually, however, with the focus very much on the unique play system. Hence, one can consider the game a case of a strong play experience that is not bogged down by unnecessary bells and whistles. Let’s have a closer look at some of the features of the game in more detail.

Hi Roller Payouts

The already mentioned Hi Roller system is where the Wild Knights slot game really shines. It can be activated between spins simply by clicking the button, which can be found above the spin button. With the Hi Roller activated all payouts are increased by a significant amount, the details of which can be found in the play table. The result is that although each bet will cost more, the payouts are infinitely better. It is recommended to turn on the Hi Roller function during a winning streak, which will be extremely beneficial. It is best, however, to turn the function off in low payout periods.

Also note that with the Hi Roller function on, matching the bonus symbol will result in special mini-games being triggered. With the HI Roller function off, these mini-games will not activate, even if the bonus symbols are matched in the play area.

Bonuses And Mini-Games

If the bonus symbols are matched, and the Hi Roller function is on, the player will be granted 10 initial free spins for the very unique mini-game. During the free spins, all symbols in the game will be replaced by coloured shields; red, green and purple. If coloured shields match in the play area, a payout is granted, as well as additional free spins. If a match is not created, the player loses 1 of 3 lives. This sequence will continue indefinitely until all the player’s lives are lost, or the free spins run out. This mini-game is one of the more unique to be seen in any slot game currently available.

The second mini-game in the Wild Knights slot game is the activated by matching the wild symbol at least 3 times. In this mini-game the player is allowed to pick from a selection of symbols that will appear. Only 1 choice is allowed, with an instant cash prize being granted. All of the choices will give a prize, but only one has a jackpot prize of considerable value.

Jackpots Wins in Less Than 1001 Nights

Jackpots Wins in Less Than 1001 Nights

The Arabian Charms slot created by Barcrest Software developers features three rows, five reels and 20 fixed pay lines. This video slot boasts engaging game play and sold bonus games and features, as well as wild symbols.

It is themed around Arabian nights and the classic Aladdin fairy tale with the reels set atop a background of an Arabian town. Even the symbols are adorned with Arabian flair and come in the form of genies, the young thief, a magic lamp and the traditional card symbols.

The impeccable design, themed soundtrack, 3d effects and sound effects on the Arabian Charms Slot really add to the overall theme and immersive quality of the game. Fireworks and colours of purple and gold and on-reel animations really add that vivid touch to a slot game known for its brilliant aesthetics.

The Golden Trail Bonus Game

If a player matches three bonus symbols on the reels of Arabian Charms Slot, they will enter into the Golden Trail bonus game. Here they will spin a wheel which features different numbers of steps on a cash path. Once the wheel stops spinning, a number will be landed on and that dictates how many steps the player must take.

The steps in essence represent the amount of spins allowed. After all the allocated spins of the wheel have been spun, or when the wheel stops on the word ‘collect’, this bonus game ends and the winnings put together and claimed. This bonus game can go on for hours making it a lucrative real money mobile casino game.

Every spin in this Golden Trail bonus game can activate the fun Mystery Win bonus game. One of the main animations of the game to watch out for is the amazing animation featured before this bonus game.

The On-Reel Feature

The Arabian Charms Slot features an on-reel feature. Put simply, players can find additional wins appearing on the reel grid at random which turns any average spin into multiple wins. Different symbols on the reels are covered by fireworks here. The symbols covered by fireworks are then changed to compete winning symbol combinations, so even some spins which render no combinations can be changed to high-paying symbol combinations with this feature.

Betting Ranges For All Types

The betting options range from a mere 20c per spin to a maximum of 50 dollars per spin, making this slot suitable for all slot players. Although the pay lines cannot be lowered on Arabian Charms Slot, with all of them triggered, the lowering of the coin value per spins assists lower budget slot players.

Values Of Reel Symbols

If players land five wild symbols on the reels at one time they will win 250 coins. The game’s logo in a combination of five on the reels pays out 250 coins. Matching five of the Aladdin symbols or five of the snake symbols on the reels will win players 200 coins.

The bonus symbols in Arabian Charms Slot only feature on the three middle reels. The jackpot on Arabian Charms Slot is only claimed when betting on maximum.

An Explanatory Look at Call of Fruity Online Slot

An Explanatory Look at Call of Fruity Online Slot

When creating the Call of fruity slot machine game, Barcrest Software developers took the popular Call of Duty war game and adapted it to the online gaming world. Themed around war, the developer wrapped each fruit symbol in war gear and added in some ‘ready, aim, fire’ bonus symbols as well.

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Not a Slip of the Finger but Real Money Slots

Not a Slip of the Finger but Real Money Slots

Barcrest Software thrives to create slot titles which can be enjoyed by all slot players no matter what their bank balance, preferences or skill levels may be and the online Cashino slot game is no different. This slot game takes most common casino games found at brick-and-mortar establishments and rolls them into one.

This slot game has more than 300 ways to play, making it accessible for high rollers and budget conscious players. The coin value per pay line can also be adjusted according to a player’s bank balance. Coin values start from 0.01 to 25 coins per pay line. When combining the amount of pay lines and coin value, spins can range from 0.01 coins per spin up to a maximum of 500 coins per spin in this real money slots game.

Whether a player uses a Blackberry device or a modern Android or iOS device, the online Cashino slot game is compatible with most market makes, with the game rendering beautifully on any mobile device.

Among the bonus features in this slot are the roulette wheel bonus game, the card bonus game and the free games, all offering fun entertainment and high rewards.

Cashino Slot Reel Symbols

Stacking up the bright symbols on the reels and matching anywhere from three to five of the same symbols will reward players will anything from five to 200 times their initial wager.

The game’s logo symbol will multiply a wager if five of them line up across the reels at one time. The wild symbol in the game is the clown wild symbol which substitutes all other symbols except for the scatter symbol.

On the iPhone online Casino slot game, the scatter symbols in amounts of five on the reels will times a player’s bet by 10 000. If a player lands three of these scatter symbols on the reels, it will activate the rewarding roulette wheel bonus game.

The Roulette Wheel Bonus Game

There are three bonus features in this slot game. Firstly, players can enjoy the roulette wheel bonus game.

In this bonus game on the online Cashino slot game, players will spin a wheel which boasts a selection of different numbers. When the wheel finally stops, it will land on a specific number which then multiplies the player’s winnings.

The Card Bonus Game

Secondly, this slot game offers a card bonus game. If three playing card reel symbols land on the reels at one time, players will then be requested to pick a card. Each card has a different value which then multiplies the player’s winnings respectively.

The Free Games Bonus

Last but not least is the free games bonus. Another symbol to look out for on the online Cashino slot game is the dice symbols. Landing three of these symbols on the reels will activate the free games. During the free games bonus, all the winnings and cash prizes are doubled.

User-Friendly Design

This online slot boasts the easy-to-navigate interface characteristic and simple design of slot titles typically released by Barcrest Software. Before setting off on their gaming journey, players can adjust in-game settings like sounds, graphics, auto play or manual mode and other in-game settings.

It’s Okay to Get Hot For Slots

It’s Okay to Get Hot For Slots

Attraction is a futuristic online slot created by Net Entertainment and this slot takes you on a journey to the bottom of the ocean so you can visit their best kept secret, where the electricity has been designed to go bonkers. The Attraction slot has exceptional graphical and sound quality, and will keep you busy for hours on end. Attraction is a 5 by 3 reel slot, featuring 10 paylines.

Slot Icons And Betting Options

The Attraction slot features standard playing card symbols form 10 to King, all in a metal finish, with bolts and nuts and measurement markings on the side. Other symbols on the reels of the Attraction slot is a magnet, a computer, a crazy electricity icon and other tools and equipment found in a laboratory.

Betting options kick off at as little as 1c per payline and reaches the maximum stake of 100 coins per payline. The wagering range is seen as an attraction by conservative players and high rollers.

Bonus Features

The main bonus feature of the Attraction video slot is the magnet feature. When the Wild symbol lands on the same reelset as the magnet, the bonus feature activates. The Wild symbol will expand from its current position right to the reel of the magnet. After the sticky Wilds have taken in position on the reels, the player will be granted a respin. This is valuable information, since the sticky Wilds now have the chance to create lots of winning combinations, making this a very lucrative opportunity for players to win substantially. Should you be so lucky to land more Wild symbols during the respin, another respin will be granted until no more Wilds pop up during the respin phase.

The Attraction slot has limited bonus features, but offer lucrative payouts with a maximum jackpot of 50 000 coins.

Slot Interface And Features

The Attraction slot by Net Entertainment is the perfect slot to pass a bit of time with. The interface is well designed and the colourful and everything happens under water.

This slot has a paytable button at the bottom left corner of the screen, allowing players easy access to view the paytable, winning combinations and how much they are worth at any given time.

Players are also spoiled with an autoplay button, allowing them to preset a number of spins which the slot will automatically spin on their behalf. They can quickly fetch a cup of coffee of do something without the fun coming to an end.

A maximum bet tab has also been added for the high rollers amongst you take want to take a bit of a bigger risk, whilst substantially increasing their chances of winning big. This button automatically selects all paylines to be active, and places the highest bet on your behalf.

Attraction has an information icon where players can go read up on the slot features, how to get started and what this video slot has on offer.

If you do not play using the maximum bet option, you can manually adjust your bet totals and active lines by using the arrow keys at the bottom of the screen.

Pulling Reels Makes Life Less of a Beach

Pulling Reels Makes Life Less of a Beach

I could never have thought that a slot could make me feel at peace, but I have changed my mind since I have played the Beach slot by Net Entertainment.

This 5 by 3 video slot with 20 paylines makes you want to relax when you see how the waves break. Beach boasts with a new wave feature, where the symbols of the Beach slot wash ashore.

Beach Theme

This video slot has an island style feel to it, with symbols washing onto your screen. The sound of the waves and the visual beauty of this slot is just breath taking.

This slot has been very well designed with exceptional graphics and sound effects so real it will make you want to drive to the coast. Between the sound of the waves breaking and the sea birds chattering, you will forget about reality and enjoy this mini vacation.

Slot Symbols And Betting Options

This Beach slot brings you everything you love together on one screen. Players can expect to see vivid shells, an oyster and the little pearl hiding beneath his shell, a starfish, a treasure chest and playing card symbols from 10 to King, appearing on beautiful pebbles.

The betting options of the Beach slot are very flexible because the range of betting options is so wide. This slot features 20 paylines, an amazing 10 bet levels, coin values from 1c to 1 coin per line, and a maximum bet per spin of 200 coins.

Beach Slot Wild Symbol

The unique feature of this Beach slot is the fact that it has 2 Wild symbols on offer. The first wild is driftwood with a pink little crab positioned on top of it. This Wild symbol is pretty standard, and can replace other reel symbols to create different winning combinations.

The octopus Wild symbol is the most rewarding Wild of the two. This Wild only appears on reel 3, and has the ability to swap 2 symbols on the reels to increase your chances of a winning combination. This Wild symbol also comes with a standard 2 times multiplier.

Bonus Features

Besides the two Wild symbols, the Beach slot does not offer a separate bonus feature. This slot does have a Jackpot feature as well as a Scatter feature to add to the fun. The Scatter of this Beach slot is a message inside a bottle, and should you land 3 of these Scatters, you will receive 8 free waves breaking onto your reels.  Sixteen of these waves will be yours if you secure 4 Scatter symbols, and 25 waves if you land Scatters on the screen.

The treasure chest symbol represents the non progressive jackpot which has 2000 coins on offer on the first level of bets, 20 000 coins if you have bet 10 coins for each active line, and the grand prize of 40 000 coins for the highest bet. If you can combine the treasure chest symbol with an octopus Wild symbol, you could win up to 40 000 coins.

Big Bang: Playing Slots is Not All Theory

If you are looking for a video slot that could offer you a chance to float into space, then the Big Bang slot by Net Entertainment might just be what you are looking for.

The Big Bang slot is a 5 reel, 25 payline slot with extraordinary graphics and true to its name, it will cause a Big Bang when you view the paytable, because this slot have good payouts on offer.

The big Bang slot is one of the first of Net Entertainment’s slots that was specifically designed to be played on a hand held device. This slot can still be played on personal computers as well.

Big Bang Slot Theme

This slot is based on the theory of the Big Bang, as scientists call it. The slot plays off in outer space, with the dark blue and black background and little stars and different galaxies.

The new age background music makes you feel like you are embarking on a journey to outer space. The beat of the music picks up as soon as you take a spin, and when you strike a winning combination the music will go wild.

Slot Symbols And Stakes

The Big Bang slot features various symbols. All different jewels in all colours can be seen on the reels, from rubies, emeralds, gold, jade and so much more. There are also planet symbols on the reels, all in bright colours. Playing card symbol in a futuristic design also feature on the reels, from a 10 right up to K.

The Big Bang Wild symbol is a swirling ball of fire, or some would recon the sun. This Wild replaces any of the other wacky symbols on the reels and by doing this it increases your chances of winning combinations. Should you secure 5 of these flaming Wild symbols, 1000 coins will be added to your bankroll.

When the Big Bang Wild symbol collaborates with the multiplier ladder, players can start dreaming big, because the payouts are substantial.

Bonus Features

The benefit of the Big Bang slot is the fact that it is so straight forward. There are very little frills to this slot, and this makes it a whole lot easier to just get playing and winning.

The multiplier ladder is probably the most lucrative feature of the Big Bang slot. Players climb the ladder as they land consecutive winning combinations.

If you manage to land winning combinations for 5 consecutive times, you will have reached the top of the ladder. Here the Big Bang multiplier ladder will grant you a 32 times multiplier. Now every subsequent win after being granted the multiplier, will be subject to this multiplier. Should you fail to land another winning combination, you will revert back to the beginning of the multiplier ladder.

Big Bang Betting Limits

This slot offers 4 different betting levels to players. Betting values kick off with a minimum of 1c per payline and the maximum value comes in 4 coins. The total maximum bet per spin comes in at 100 coins, with a corresponding maximum jackpot of 263 032 coins.