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Halloween Fortune

Halloween Fortune

Halloween Fortune Online Slots

Whether you experience Halloween’s Pagan roots as dark and morbid or magical and enchanting, chances are you’ve either celebrated the festivities, or at the very least been curious about it.  Thought to have originated with the Celtic festival of Samhain, Halloween marked the end of summer in the regions of Ireland, France and the United Kingdom, and the beginning of very cold winter months – a period associated with danger, extreme conditions and death.

The Celts believed that on the evening of the 31st of October, the ghosts and spirits of the dead would return to earth, making amok on earth wherever they went.  The line between the worlds of the living and the dead would be blurred on this night, making it possible for the dead to cross over into the world of the living.  During this time, it would also be easier for those lent to mysticism to make predictions concerning the future.

Modern culture has adapted the controversial holiday into a commercial festival, and it is estimated that one quarter of all revenue generated in the United States on an annual basis, from the sale of candy, is during the time of Halloween – a very popular day of the year indeed.

Playtech has turned the concept into an online slot game, aptly dubbed Halloween Fortune.  The slot is 3D animated and is played on 5 reels and 20 paylines.  The game features a Witches Brew Free Spins Bonus Game.

Halloween Fortune Reel Symbols

The symbols will tickle your spooky bones and include three hot and happening witches, adorned in red, blue and green.  No Halloween theme would be complete without the infamous black cat and black crow, not to mention a human skull, vial of potion and a Celtic cross on a chain.

There are no playing card symbols on the reels.  The game does however include a gamble feature.  After each win, a player may opt to take a gamble on the winnings, in order to double up the winnings for that particular round.  In order to do so, the colour of a playing card must be guessed correctly – whether black or red.  The double-up gamble limit is capped at 2 500 credits.

The wild symbol is the star of the game – the Jack o’ Lantern.  The wild symbol will substitute for all but the bonus and the scatter symbols.  Jack is also the top-paying symbol, cashing out at 10 000 credits for 5 on an active payline.

Witches Brew Free Spins Bonus Game

Halloween Fortune offers a chance at really getting your ghostly game on with the Witches Brew Free Spins Bonus Game.  In order to trigger free spins, the bonus symbol – a giant brewing pot – must appear on reels 1 and 5 simultaneously.

The three witches will make an appearance, of which the player must select 1.  Next up, a potion must be brewed in order to determine the multiplier value applied during the free spins rounds.  Up to 20 free games together with a x10 multiplier is up for grabs.

Game Interface

The reels are set against a backdrop of skeletal trees and a cloudy night sky.  The 3D graphics lend a rich feel to the overall experience.

RTG games Santastic

RTG games Santastic

RTG games Santastic Online Slot

RTG games Santastic is an online slot game with a traditional Christmas theme. The symbols that appear on the reels are very cute and colourful. There is a progressive jackpot to be won as well as a unique bonus game that can award one of four feature prizes.

There are also two wild symbols that can add either a double or triple multiplier to any winning combination it forms. There is an auto play option that lets you set a specific number of automatic spins at a set wager value. There is a jackpot amount in the standard game of 600 times your wager. The animations and sound effects both evoke a sense of Christmas during play.

RTG games Santastic Double Wilds

RTG games Santastic features 2 wild symbols. There is a Double Wild and a Triple Wild. The double wild will substitute for any symbol and offers a 2x multiplier if it is attached to any winning combination.

The Triple wild offers a 3x multiplier attached to any winning combinations it is part of. If both wilds are present in a winning combination, a 6x multiplier will be attached to a winning pay out.

RTG games Santastic Jackpot Feature

RTG games Santastic features a progressive jackpot. Unlike other RTG online slot games, the progressive jackpot is won by landing 3 of the jackpot symbols on an active pay line. Most other RTG slot games will award a progressive jackpot randomly.

If you manage to land the jackpot symbol in the centre of reel 2 you will be awarded the Extra Jackpot Chance feature. In this feature you will get an extra jackpot spin to take. In the jackpot spins feature, all other symbols are greyed out, with only the jackpot symbols triggering wins.

RTG games Santastic Festive Feast Feature

RTG games Santastic has a unique bonus round titled the Festive Feast Feature. This feature is activated by any 3 of a kind symbol combination.

You will be awarded with one of the prizes from the bonus meter. You can either win a 2500x your wager bonus, 1 or 3 jackpot spins, 3, 10 or 25 free games or nothing.

RTG games Santastic Reel Symbols

RTG games Santastic features colourful and wide eyed characters as the reel symbols. All symbols offer pay outs if you land three matching symbols on one of the active pay lines. The only exception is the Rudolph, Santa and Jackpot symbols. These symbols also pay out for two matching symbols on an active pay line.

The Teddy Bear and Candy Cane symbol is worth 5 coins. The Christmas pudding and Gift Sock is worth 7 coins. The Snowman is worth 10 coins. The North Pole is worth 20 coins and the green elf is worth 30 coins.

All these symbols only offer one pay out. The higher value symbols featuring Rudolph and Santa are worth 2 and 50 coins and 3 and 100 coins respectively. The wager pay outs are vastly increased when the winning combination includes either a double or triple multiplier wild.

RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge

RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge

RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge Online Slot

RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge is an online slot game with a twist on the traditional Christmas story of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. There are 5 reels with 50 fixed pay lines spread across them. There is a progressive jackpot feature that is awarded randomly as well as unique bonus games and an auto play feature.

This slot game is played with all 50 pay lines active with a compulsory fixed wager on every spin. There are colourful Christmas themed graphics and fun animations after every winning spin. The average Return To Player is 95% and the jackpot payout is awarded by the Rudolph symbol. It stands at 5000 times your staked wager.

RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge Wild Symbols

The Wild symbol in RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge is Rudolph himself. He will substitute for the value of any symbol required to complete a winning combination, with the exception of the Bomb scatter symbol.

Any winning combination that includes Rudolph will have a 2x multiplier attached to the pay out. Additionally the wild symbol also offers cash prizes if two or more symbols are lined up on an active pay line. It can award between 15 and 5000 times your staked wager.

RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge Scatter Bomb Symbol

RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge features a bomb disguised as a present as the scatter symbol. It awards pay outs of between 2 and 20 times your wager if you land 2 or more of the scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. They do not need to be lined up on an active pay line.

RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge Free Game Feature

RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge has a unique free spins bonus round triggered by landing 3 or more of the bomb scatter symbols on the reels from left to right. Players will immediately get 7 free spins. Any winning combo that lands during the free spins will have a 2x multiplier awarded along with an additional 1x multiplier for every Rudolph wild symbol that also appears on the reels.

If 4 or more scatter symbols triggered the feature, the bomb scatter will become an additional wild symbol. If 5 scatters triggered the free spins feature, the Santa Claus symbol will become a third wild symbol. Players can retrigger the feature during the free spins game.

RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge Progressive Jackpot

There is a randomly awarded progressive jackpot in RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge. Every time any player of RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge lands a winning combination, a small portion of the payout is added to the progressive jackpot amount. This player contribution is limited to a maximum of 1.5%

RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge Pay Outs

RTG games Rudolph’s Revenge feature a crazy set of Christmas themed symbols. There is the standard playing card symbols of 9, 10, J, Q, K and A that make up the low value symbols.

The symbols you really want to line up though are the high value picture symbols. These include terrified elves and Santa Claus that looks like he has just been in a bar room brawl.

RTG games Ronin

RTG games Ronin

RTG games Ronin Online Slot

RTG games Ronin is an online slot game set in feudal Japan. This great looking slot features 20 pay lines spread across 5 reels. There are 3 unique bonus games in Ronin as well as two wild symbols, one of which also functions like a scatter symbol.

Players can wager up to 50 per spin. Wagers start at 0.01 per wager coin. There is also a progressive jackpot and an auto play feature. The average Return To Player is 95%.

RTG games Ronin Koku Wild

RTG games Ronin features a Koku medal as the wild symbol. This ancient Japanese form of coinage is roughly equivalent to the amount of rice necessary to feed a person for a year.

In Ronin, it will substitute its value for any symbol required to complete a winning combination. It only appears on reel 3. If it is part of a winning combination, it will double the wager pay out of that combination.

RTG games Ronin Scatter Symbol

RTG games Ronin features a red dressed Ronin as both the scatter symbol and an additional wild symbol. It will pay out between 1 and 500 times your wager if you land it as a scatter anywhere on the reels.

If you line the symbols up on an active pay line, it can pay out up to 5000 coins. If it is combined with the Koku symbol in an active pay line, you will get the highest pay out in the game, namely a 10 000 coin jackpot.

RTG games Ronin Bonus Features

RTG games Ronin features a unique bonus round that is triggered by landing the Koku symbol on reel three and two Ronin symbols anywhere on the reels at the same time. You will be awarded with one of three bonus features.

Players can win the Re-Spin feature. This feature will keep the Koku in place on the middle reel while filling the entire reel with more stacked Koku. All the other reels will now re-spin up to 10 times. If two or more Ronin scatter symbols land on the reels now, you will more free spins, again up to 10.

The second possible bonus that can be awarded is the first free spin feature. Here you automatically get 5 free spins, plus an increasing win multiplier that starts at 1 and increased by 1 with every free spin. You can retrigger 5 more free spins once only during this bonus game, but the multiplier will keep growing by 1 after each free spin.

The final possible bonus is the second free spin feature. Here you will get 25 free spins to take where a 3x multiplier is attached to any winning combinations that land. If the bonus feature retriggers here, you will get another 25 free spins.

RTG games Ronin Progressive Jackpot

RTG games Ronin features a progressive jackpot. This jackpot is awarded randomly to players after any spin has finished.

This jackpot gets bigger and bigger the more people play Ronin online slot. Every player contributes a small percentage of their winning pay outs to increase the jackpot with every win.

RTG games Robertas Castle

RTG games Robertas Castle

RTG games Robertas Castle Online Slot

RTG games Robertas Castle is an online slot game. It is inspired by the classic story of Rapunzel and her magnificent hair, but in this game she is called Roberta, She has been confined to a tower and you must help the handsome prince reach her.

This online slot game has a wild and scatter symbol as well as a progressive jackpot that is awarded randomly. The wild symbol can potentially add a 6x multiplier to any wins as long as they occur during the free spins round. Wagers start at 0.01 and can be raised to a maximum of 5 per pay line. Robertas Castle also makes use of an auto play feature. This is where you can set a fixed number of automatic spins at a fixed wager value.

RTG games Robertas Castle Scatter Symbol

The stained glass window of Roberta’s tower is the scatter symbol in RTG games Robertas Castle. If you land three or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels, you will immediately be awarded 15 free games.

Any winning combination that lands in the free spin game will have a 3x multiplier attached to it. The free spin round is taken at the same wager and pay line value that was active when the free spins game triggered. You can retrigger the free spin feature by landing three more scatter symbols on the reels.

RTG games Robertas Castle Wild Symbol

RTG games Robertas Castle features the Prince as the in game wild symbol. This Prince will take on the value of any symbol required to complete a winning combination that he is part of.

The wild will double the pay out of any winning combination it is part of. If the wild creates a combination during the free spins round, then the winning amount will have a 6x multiplier attached.

RTG games Robertas Castle Progressive Jackpot

RTG games Robertas Castle features a randomly awarded progressive jackpot. This jackpot increases with every winning combination that players land. All players of Robertas Castle contribute to the progressive jackpot amount. This amount is never higher than 1.5%.

RTG games Robertas Castle Reel Symbols

RTG games Robertas Castle features basic card symbols consisting of a 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. These symbols offer pay outs for lining up three or more symbols on an active pay line. The higher value symbols are made of a cat, a comb, a vanity mirror and a pair of scissors. These symbols offer wager pay out for lining up two or more symbols on an active pay line.

The 9 and 10 symbols are worth between 10 and 75 times your wager. The Q and J symbols are worth between 10 and 100 times your wager. The A and K symbols are worth between 10 and 125 times your wager. The cat and the Vanity Mirror symbols are worth between 2 and 500 times your wager. The comb and vanity mirror symbols are worth between 2 and 200 times your wager.

Regal Riches

Regal Riches

RTG games Regal Riches Online Slot

RTG games Regal Riches is an online slot game that takes place in the days of the British Monarchy when Queen Elizabeth ruled the country. She serves as the wild symbol in Regal Riches. This slot game features 5 reels with 25 fixed pay lines on them. There is a free spins feature, stacked wilds and a progressive jackpot.

Wagers start from as low as 0.01 per wager coin. This coin value can be raised up to a maximum of 5 per coin for a maximum possible wager of 125 per spin. RTG games Regal Riches features colourful graphics and smooth animations on the reels.

RTG games Regal Riches Elizabeth Wild

RTG games Regal Riches features Queen Elizabeth as the wild symbol. This symbol can take on the value of any symbol, even including the fountain scatter symbol.

This wild will appear stacked if it lands on reel 3. It does not offer any pay outs by itself, it only pays out on a wager when it is part of a winning combination.

RTG games Regal Riches Fountain Scatter

RTG games Regal Riches features a white fountain as the scatter symbol. This symbol will trigger the free games feature as well as pay out wagers when you land two or more of the symbols anywhere on the reels. The fountain will pay out between 2 and 50 times our wager, depending on how many symbols you land.

RTG games Regal Riches Free Spins Feature

RTG games Regal Riches feature a free spins bonus game triggered by the fountain scatter symbol. Three or more scatter symbols must land either from left to right or right to left. You can win up to 25 free spins in this feature.

Additionally a win multiplier will increase after every free game. So after the second free game, you will have a 2x multiplier attached to winnings. The free spins are taken at the same wager and pay line value that was active when the free spin feature was triggered.

RTG games Regal Riches Progressive Jackpot

RTG games Regal Riches features a randomly awarded progressive jackpot. This jackpot will trigger randomly after any s-pin. All players of RTG games Regal Riches will contribute a small portion of their winnings to raise the progressive jackpot higher and higher. No more than 1.5% of a player’s winnings will be contributed to the jackpot.

RTG games Regal Riches Pay Outs

Unlike many other online slot games, RTG games Regal Riches does not feature any standard card symbols on the reels. Instead RTG included a set of fully original reel symbols to play with. The symbols start off in value with a butterfly, a bunch of grapes and a vanity mirror. These symbols pay out up to 125 coins.

There is also a bejewelled necklace and a trumpet symbol that is worth up to 150 coins. These symbols all require at least three matching symbols on an active pay line. The higher value symbols start awarding pay outs for 2 matching symbols or more.

The high value symbols consist of a carriage, a chalice, a Lute player, the royal crest and the highest value symbol, a castle. This castle will pay out up to 1000 times your wager.

Guns n’ Roses and Spinata Grande Coming Soon from Net Entertainment

Guns n’ Roses and Spinata Grande Coming Soon from Net Entertainment

Guns n’ Roses and Spinata Grande Coming Soon from Net Entertainment

The expectation of some exciting new slots games entering the market is always something greatly anticipated, by online casinos as well as all slots players. Net Entertainment has announced at the ICE conference the forthcoming launch of the official Guns n Roses slot game. The game will definitely be a big attraction, allowing for the huge reputation Net Entertainment enjoys in the online casino industry.

At present there is nothing specific known about the new Guns n Roses and Spinata Grande coming soon from Net Entertainment. Not even the number of win lines that will be available in Guns n Roses slot game is known, nor any details on features that it may offer. Guns n Roses slot game will definitely become one of the favourites on any online casino site. It is also still unclear about any of the prizes that will be offered. It is pretty certain that some of the soundtrack will include Guns n Roses songs, with maybe some cuts of their concerts as well.

A Pinata Often Available At a Party

Another announcement by Net Entertainment is about the new slot game Spinata Grande also hitting the online market very soon. Guns n Roses and Spinata Grande coming soon from Net Entertainment will form a landmark in the casino business.

There is already a date for the launch of Spinata Grande slot game. This game will include everything that one expects from a developer of Net Entertainment’s calibre. The core innovation of the game will be the large piñata symbols, which will be able to cover up to nine symbol areas at the same time. Landing a regular symbol like a playing card will make the symbol contribute to winning combinations as normal. If you manage to hit a bonus piñata and it will explode to reveal its own mini machine. When that slot spins you can receive board wins, or instant cash, and some free spins when you find three Scatter Stars on a reel at the same time. When you are playing the round, the Wild will also become a huge symbol. The mini slot game will continue to appear, and each additional star that lands will be worth an extra free spin. These wins will be added to your total wins.

A Pinata is a container of any shape, made of paper mache or cloth, and is decorated in bright colours and filled with small toys and candy. It is then broken up, usually by children at a party or celebration, to release all the goodies inside for everyone to enjoy. A slot game with that name is bound to be interesting, and hopefully the contents of the piñata will become coins for the player. Guns n Roses and Spinata Grande coming soon from Net Entertainment will hopefully see many coins being put into pockets.

A Great Event in the Casino Industry

Guns n Roses and Spinata Grande coming soon from Net Entertainment is certainly an exciting prospect, although probably the Guns n Roses is more thrilling. Net Entertainment has an agreement with Universal that has already seen the release of some great movie inspired slots game, like Alien, or The Invisible Man. All the details of the games will be available immediately upon their release.

Guns and Roses and Spinata Grande coming soon from Net Entertainment will provide a great event in the calendar of new events in the online casino.

Gung Pow

Gung Pow

Celebrate the New Year With A Bang In Gung Pow Slot

Gung Pow is a slot game that was released in time for the Chinese New Year, and we can all celebrate this festival with plenty of fireworks, and make sure you start the new year with a bang.

It is a game developed by, with five reels, three rows and 243 ways to win. This means that winning combinations are formed by identical symbols appearing on adjacent reels, reading from left to right, rather than any particular pay line structure. It also means you will come across plenty of chances for a couple of crackers of wins.

Chinese Fireworks Are the Symbols

The background to Gung Pow is a plain dark red screen, and of course red is the colour that in Chinese culture portrays good fortune and wealth. The symbols are simple in design, but big and bright. The symbols include some red Chinese paper Lanterns and red envelopes, which are often given to family and friends during the ceremony.  The other high value symbols are all different fireworks, the noisy firecrackers, rockets and sparklers. The symbols with the lowest value are the classic playing cards, from nine through to the ace. The Oriental effect is enhanced by the music and fireworks sounds whenever you complete a winning combination.  The biggest win in the base game will come from finding five rocket symbols on the reels, and the next biggest win is for five of the Scatters appearing together. Five red envelopes will give a bigger reward than the red Lanterns.

The Gung Pow Logo is the Wild symbol, and as such can substitute for any other symbol in the game to complete a winning combination, apart from the Scatter symbol. The Wild only appears on reels two and four. The Scatter symbol is a Chinese Dollar, a special coin that commemorates the Chinese New Year, and this symbol will activate the main bonus feature.

Free Spins and a Jackpot

The Free spins feature is the only bonus round offered in Gung Pow, and it is triggered by three or more of the Scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels. You will receive fifteen free spins at once, as well as the Scatter combination payout. All wins that you may make during the Free Spins bonus round will be multiplied by three. If you manage to land three more Dollar Scatter symbols while playing the Free Spins bonus round, you will be given an additional fifteen free spins to add to your remaining total. It is during this bonus round that players have the chance to win 90,000 credits.

Microgaming has included a Gamble feature in Gung Pow. After any win you can click on the Gamble button, and try to guess the colour of the next random playing card. A correct guess will give you double your wins to date. You can then try another guess, and try to guess the suit of that card. A correct guess will quadruple your winnings. You are only able to use this feature up to five times.

Gumball 3000

Gumball 3000

Gumball 3000 Slot Covers the Famous Race around Europe

The Gumball 300 is a race across Europe, allowing the rich and famous to show off their exclusive elite cars. The race covers 3000 miles, but is raced on a different route each year. The slot game Gumball 3000 has a great opening sequence, and captures the spirit of this well known car race. This year it began in Copenhagen and finished in Monaco in time for the F1 Grand Prix.

Gumball 300 is a high octane looking slot game, full of car and engine noises, made to appeal to fans of all motor racing events. The game has been released by Play n Go, and has five reels with fifteen pay lines. It is available for both desktops and mobile devices.

Lots of Racing Cars

Symbols in Gumball 3000 are fairly basic, with bright orange playing cards forming much of the visuals on the reels. There are also some racing cars that look very rugged and fast, and the background of the game is the starting grid of a motor race, viewed from in front of the cars. Sound effects include some dance music, but is consists mostly of revs of the fast cars. Each spin gets a loud rev, and there are bright headlights, and wins get even more impressive animations.

The cars are the main symbols, with the blue car looking face on, being the biggest and most important. This car will pay five hundred coins if you find four of them, and 2500 if you are lucky enough to land five on the reels together. The green car is the next most valuable, and is worth five hundred coin s if you land five, and the red and yellow cars are the next in value. The rest of the wins are made by the traditional playing card symbols, from ten down to the Ace.

Wilds and Scatters

There are two special symbols in Gumball 3000. The Gumball 3000 Gold Card is the Wild, which appears only in reels one and five. If you cover both these reels with the Wilds, the free spins game begins.  The Wild symbol will be able to substitute for any of the other symbols in the game to form a winning combination, apart from the bonus symbols.  The bonus symbol will activate the Pick Em bonus round if you land three or more on a reel at one time.

Wilds Offer Great Wins

Winning possibilities pick up in the bonus rounds, and the Wild becomes even more profitable during the free spin s round. When that begins, you get fifteen free spins. If you land a Wild during the free spins round, it will expand to cover the complete reel, and every time another Wild lands it will do the same, throwing up good chances of some impressive wins. The bonus symbols trigger a Pick Em game which gives you a chance to win up to 150 times your initial wager amount.

Like many of Play n Go online pokies NZ slots, this game offers fifteen pay lines. You therefore have to make three selections before you start spinning, the number of pay lines you want to play, the coin value and the number of coins per line you want to wager. Then any racing fan can take a spin on the Gumball 3000, and maybe get the chequered flag on some winnings.

Grosvenor and IGT Team Up to Bring the IGT Cloud to the UK
IGT Logo. (PRNewsFoto/IGT)

Grosvenor and IGT Team Up to Bring the IGT Cloud to the UK

Grosvenor and IGT Team Up to Bring the IGT Cloud to the UK

IGT, or International Game Technology, is a gaming and lottery systems organisation. They specialise in design, and development of software systems for casino games. IGT have been involved in the casino industry since 2005. IGT’s headquarters may be London, England, but they manage offices throughout the world.

Recently they have partnered with Grosvenor Casinos in a new initiative whereby Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK and mark something of a ground breaking event since the amalgamation uses the IGT Cloud system to support three Grosvenor land-based casinos in the UK. This is the first time such a system is being used to implement a network across several locations.

A Land-based Casino Boost

The Grosvenor Casinos themselves are based in London, with brick and mortar casinos that are popular in Reading and Coventry as well. How the system works is that the IGT Cloud forms the software power for associated casinos, such as Grosvenor, by providing instant access to IGT’s entire game library, which includes the advanced IGT analytics system. As such, all casino activity can be remotely monitored.

The system and IGT Cloud would be able, in this way, to check which IGT games are available to playing terminals in real time. This has come about with the development by IGT of state-of-the-art gaming terminals that are able to play multiple games. Land-based casino players can load up any title from the IGT range that they wish to play. Grosvenor casinos has purchased a series of these new terminals for their casinos and the flexibility is proving a substantial hit.

Casino Playing Optimised

What this means for the casinos themselves and the players there, is that should there be an increased demand for the Ghostbusters slot game at any casino, the Grosvenor casino staff can proactively allocate all the resources they need to become more Ghostbusters machines simply by changing some of the Dungeons and Dragons machines into as many Ghostbusters games as they require. And all with just one button.

This obviously quite dramatically enhances the casino, and slots experience that Grosvenor casinos can provide their clients, and Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK is set to take playing at these casinos to the next level.

The Way of the Future in Management

Since Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK, any new terminals at the casino also means hardware and shipping is drastically reduced. Grosvenor casinos can therefore introduce and new games, developed by IGT anywhere in the world, into their Canadian online roulette casinos within minutes.

The fact that Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK also has implications for the future management of the casinos themselves. IGT provide full casino management schemes such as loyalty points, casino accounting systems and bonus options, which means real time games management and selection that optimises the gaming floor and improves revenue as well as entertainment options for all players.

Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK, but this will no doubt be but the first in a series of similar developments along similar lines in the years to come, and will most likely include many more casinos as well as games.