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Celtic Casino Introduced to Online Gambling Enthusiasts

Celtic Casino Introduced to Online Gambling Enthusiasts

Launched in 2008, Celtic Casino was the first online casino to use software from San Jose. The casino is owned by live gaming developer Visionary iGaming (ViG), which is based in San Jose, but it is operated under licence by Costa Rican incorporated company Bravo Storm SA.

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Details Mentioned about Online Casino in Canada

Details Mentioned about Online Casino in Canada

An online casino is the modern world’s take on the old brick and mortar casinos’ that are still so extremely popular in Canada and the rest of the world. These casinos are often totally internet based and can be found using a web browser. In the old day’s one would have to go down to the local casino in Canada, and find your way through the crowds in order to play casino games and stand a chance at winning a jackpot. These days if you are from Canada you only need to go online to find an online casino where you can play a large number of games.

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Casino Online Options for Players in Canada

Casino Online Options for Players in Canada

Many people from Canada these days do not bother to go to the brick and mortar casinos in order to play casino games and possibly win a jackpot. In the olden days going to a casino could become an all night affair, with large crowds and many other things to contend with. These days the more popular option in Canada is to make use of a casino online. These casinos can be found on the internet and offer the same variety of games that the old brick and mortar casinos did. Finding and joining them is not hard as long as you fit the criteria and have access to the internet.

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A Detailed Guide to Creating an Online Casino List

A Detailed Guide to Creating an Online Casino List

One of the best ways for USA players to find casino gaming online is to create prospective casino packages composed of various factors found online that make up the aspects to these sites. Effectively what players are doing I’d creating an online casino list that they can then use as reference to track down and find the top sites they want to try out.

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Guns n’ Roses and Spinata Grande Coming Soon from Net Entertainment

Guns n’ Roses and Spinata Grande Coming Soon from Net Entertainment

Guns n’ Roses and Spinata Grande Coming Soon from Net Entertainment

The expectation of some exciting new slots games entering the market is always something greatly anticipated, by online casinos as well as all slots players. Net Entertainment has announced at the ICE conference the forthcoming launch of the official Guns n Roses slot game. The game will definitely be a big attraction, allowing for the huge reputation Net Entertainment enjoys in the online casino industry.

At present there is nothing specific known about the new Guns n Roses and Spinata Grande coming soon from Net Entertainment. Not even the number of win lines that will be available in Guns n Roses slot game is known, nor any details on features that it may offer. Guns n Roses slot game will definitely become one of the favourites on any online casino site. It is also still unclear about any of the prizes that will be offered. It is pretty certain that some of the soundtrack will include Guns n Roses songs, with maybe some cuts of their concerts as well.

A Pinata Often Available At a Party

Another announcement by Net Entertainment is about the new slot game Spinata Grande also hitting the online market very soon. Guns n Roses and Spinata Grande coming soon from Net Entertainment will form a landmark in the casino business.

There is already a date for the launch of Spinata Grande slot game. This game will include everything that one expects from a developer of Net Entertainment’s calibre. The core innovation of the game will be the large piñata symbols, which will be able to cover up to nine symbol areas at the same time. Landing a regular symbol like a playing card will make the symbol contribute to winning combinations as normal. If you manage to hit a bonus piñata and it will explode to reveal its own mini machine. When that slot spins you can receive board wins, or instant cash, and some free spins when you find three Scatter Stars on a reel at the same time. When you are playing the round, the Wild will also become a huge symbol. The mini slot game will continue to appear, and each additional star that lands will be worth an extra free spin. These wins will be added to your total wins.

A Pinata is a container of any shape, made of paper mache or cloth, and is decorated in bright colours and filled with small toys and candy. It is then broken up, usually by children at a party or celebration, to release all the goodies inside for everyone to enjoy. A slot game with that name is bound to be interesting, and hopefully the contents of the piñata will become coins for the player. Guns n Roses and Spinata Grande coming soon from Net Entertainment will hopefully see many coins being put into pockets.

A Great Event in the Casino Industry

Guns n Roses and Spinata Grande coming soon from Net Entertainment is certainly an exciting prospect, although probably the Guns n Roses is more thrilling. Net Entertainment has an agreement with Universal that has already seen the release of some great movie inspired slots game, like Alien, or The Invisible Man. All the details of the games will be available immediately upon their release.

Guns and Roses and Spinata Grande coming soon from Net Entertainment will provide a great event in the calendar of new events in the online casino.

Grosvenor and IGT Team Up to Bring the IGT Cloud to the UK
IGT Logo. (PRNewsFoto/IGT)

Grosvenor and IGT Team Up to Bring the IGT Cloud to the UK

Grosvenor and IGT Team Up to Bring the IGT Cloud to the UK

IGT, or International Game Technology, is a gaming and lottery systems organisation. They specialise in design, and development of software systems for casino games. IGT have been involved in the casino industry since 2005. IGT’s headquarters may be London, England, but they manage offices throughout the world.

Recently they have partnered with Grosvenor Casinos in a new initiative whereby Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK and mark something of a ground breaking event since the amalgamation uses the IGT Cloud system to support three Grosvenor land-based casinos in the UK. This is the first time such a system is being used to implement a network across several locations.

A Land-based Casino Boost

The Grosvenor Casinos themselves are based in London, with brick and mortar casinos that are popular in Reading and Coventry as well. How the system works is that the IGT Cloud forms the software power for associated casinos, such as Grosvenor, by providing instant access to IGT’s entire game library, which includes the advanced IGT analytics system. As such, all casino activity can be remotely monitored.

The system and IGT Cloud would be able, in this way, to check which IGT games are available to playing terminals in real time. This has come about with the development by IGT of state-of-the-art gaming terminals that are able to play multiple games. Land-based casino players can load up any title from the IGT range that they wish to play. Grosvenor casinos has purchased a series of these new terminals for their casinos and the flexibility is proving a substantial hit.

Casino Playing Optimised

What this means for the casinos themselves and the players there, is that should there be an increased demand for the Ghostbusters slot game at any casino, the Grosvenor casino staff can proactively allocate all the resources they need to become more Ghostbusters machines simply by changing some of the Dungeons and Dragons machines into as many Ghostbusters games as they require. And all with just one button.

This obviously quite dramatically enhances the casino, and slots experience that Grosvenor casinos can provide their clients, and Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK is set to take playing at these casinos to the next level.

The Way of the Future in Management

Since Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK, any new terminals at the casino also means hardware and shipping is drastically reduced. Grosvenor casinos can therefore introduce and new games, developed by IGT anywhere in the world, into their Canadian online roulette casinos within minutes.

The fact that Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK also has implications for the future management of the casinos themselves. IGT provide full casino management schemes such as loyalty points, casino accounting systems and bonus options, which means real time games management and selection that optimises the gaming floor and improves revenue as well as entertainment options for all players.

Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK, but this will no doubt be but the first in a series of similar developments along similar lines in the years to come, and will most likely include many more casinos as well as games.

best numbers for lottery

best numbers for lottery

Picking the Best Lottery Numbers

Once or twice weekly, countries all around the world come to a standstill as smiling hosts draw little numbered balls from one or another exciting contraption. Everyone knows that if the numbers on those little balls match the numbers printed on their tickets, they could be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

Played for decades, if not centuries, lotteries are one of the simplest, most accessible forms of gambling. Taking part in a lottery is usually as simple as marking off numbers on a card, having them printed on a ticket at the point of sale, and then making sure to check the results of the lottery draw.

Being a game of chance, there is no way to ensure that the numbers selected will definitely come up in the draw. In fact, the only way to ensure something like that would be to rig the game, which is most definitely illegal. There are, however, a few tips that could be helpful when deciding which numbers to pick.

Take a Look at Statistics

One way of choosing your best lottery numbers would be to consider the statistics from past draws. Most lottery websites list the results from a number of, if not all of, their past draws. It would also be possible to find past lottery results with a simple Google search.

In some lotteries, some of the numbers drawn most often include 2, 6, 18, and 29. However, just because certain numbers have been lucky in the past does not mean they will be lucky in the future. In fact, numbers that perhaps haven’t been drawn as often might suddenly start popping up.

Some of the less popular numbers chosen by lottery players include 13, 32, 34, 40, 46, and 48. One might speculate that people don’t chose the number 13 because of traditional superstitions, but the reality is that the ball numbered 13 has as good a chance of being drawn as any other ball in the machine.


Birthday Numbers for Lottery Tickets

A method used by countless buyers of lottery tickets the world over is to choose numbers based on their own birthday, or on the birthdays of family, friends, royalty, and even celebrities. They may also choose important anniversary dates.

Because no month has more than 31 days, choosing dates can limit the range of numbers selected. One way of getting around the limitation is to take the individual numbers that go into the date, and then combine them in different ways, either by adding them together or by multiplying them.

Lottery Numbers Not Seen in a While

If dates don’t cut it with you, another method you could use to try pick the best lottery numbers would be to choose from the numbers that haven’t really appeared in lotto results recently.

In some of the world’s biggest lotteries, those numbers are 1, 3, 8, 24, 35, and 51.

Don’t Choose Any Numbers

Not selecting lottery numbers for yourself doesn’t mean not buying a ticket or losing out on the chance to be a lotto winner. What it does mean is that you get a computer to do the selecting for you.

The easy way to do this is to use the Quick Pick service offered at most lottery kiosks. The most strenuous part of the exercise is probably opening your wallet or purse to pay for the ticket.

Whatever method of picking the best lottery numbers you choose, the most important thing, according to some serial lotto winners, is to be consistent in playing those numbers.

America lotto

America lotto

Lotto in America

Not being a country known for half-measures, when the United States of America does something, it goes all out. This is evident not only in its significant contribution to science, technology, sport, and the arts, and in its often incredible meddling in international affairs, but also in its lotto games.

There are a number of interstate and state-specific lotteries, and some of them have become the stuff of legends. From lotteries such as Mega Millions and Powerball, which are known not only throughout America, but around the world as well, to more localised games such as the Florida Lotto and the New York Lotto, the many games see millions of people purchase tickets and play their lucky numbers on a weekly basis.


American Lotto Then and Now

Lotto in America dates back to the 19th century, when so-called Policy Shops ran an underground numbers game for bettors. The practice drew a strong rebuke from a New York State Assembly committee, and was branded the “lowest, meanest, worst form” of gambling.

A similar game was played in Cuban and Italian neighbourhoods, where it was known as Bolita and the Italian Lottery, respectively.

Despite early condemnations of the lotto, the first government-run lottery was set up in Puerto Rico in 1934. In 1964, the second was established in New Hampshire. There are now lotteries in 44 states and in three territories.

Mega Millions Lotto

Arguably America’s biggest lotto, Mega Millions attracts international attention. Played in 44 states, the district of Columbia, and in the US Virgin Islands, the game sees twice-weekly draws. Winning numbers are selected using a 5/75 white ball and a 1/15 Mega Ball double matrix.

This lottery is known for having produced some of the world’s largest ever jackpots, including one that topped $600 million.

USA Powerball Lotto

The Powerball is possibly America’s second-biggest lotto. Like Mega Millions, it’s operated nearly nationwide, and also attracts its fair share of international players. The game has a reputation for rolling over jackpots if they are not won; something that has led to the game paying out a jackpot of more than $500 million.

Hot Lotto Game

Officially played in 16 states, Hot Lotto is America’s third most popular interstate lottery game. Its reach extends beyond the borders of those 16 states, however, as players from around the country are able to buy tickets through online agencies.

One of the game’s biggest jackpots climbed to almost $20 million before being won.

Tri State Megabucks Plus Lotto

Run by the Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont lottery companies, the Tri State Megabucks Plus Lotto is aimed at those three states, but sees a buy-in from across America through online ticket sales. One of its biggest jackpots rose to just over $16 million.

State-Specific American Lotteries

One of America’s most popular state-specific lotteries is California Lottery’s Super Lotto Plus. Known for being one of the most generous of the state lotteries, its biggest jackpot thus far exceeded $190 million.

Florida, a state known for laid-back, near tropical lifestyles, is home to the Florida Lotto, a popular lottery that has seen jackpots top $100 million. Not to be outdone by the west side or by the south east, New York offers several lotteries. Two of the biggest are the New York Lotto, which is one of the oldest in America and has paid out jackpots close to $72 million, and the Cash4Life lottery, which offers its jackpots in lump sums or in smaller amounts paid weekly, for the rest of the winner’s life.

Enjoy a Great Gambling Experience at Online Casinos in Canada

Enjoy a Great Gambling Experience at Online Casinos in Canada

In Canada and all over the world, online casinos have become the most popular way for casino enthusiasts to access their favourite casino games and win real money. As opposed to land based casinos, online casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed by anyone with a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Players can also choose to play any casino game for free or for real money at any time. In the notes below we are going to look at how to go about playing at the best online casinos Canada has to offer.

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NJ Lottery

NJ Lottery

The NJ Lottery

When it comes to life changing money, the lottery has always offered players a chance at becoming an instant millionaire. In New Jersey, the NJ Lottery is the state run lottery system that offers a number of weekly and daily draws. The history of the lottery dates back to 1969 when New Jersey voters approved the establishment of a State Lottery as part of the general election. In 1970, the first New Jersey Lottery tickets went on sale at 2000 lottery agent locations throughout the state. It wasn’t until 1971 that the lottery held its first millionaire drawing, changing the lives of two lucky winners.

Daily Draw Games

Today the NJ Lottery holds a number of daily draws as well as weekly mega draws where players can win massive prizes each week. The lottery also gives players the chance to play instant win and scratch card type games online or instore. The lottery draw games can be split into weekly draws and daily draws. The daily draw games are extremely popular and offer players the chance to win large prizes every day. The first of the three main daily draw games is the Pick-3 game. Originally started in 1975, Pick-3 is a 3 digit draw game that is drawn twice daily.

The Jersey Cash 5 Draw

The NJ Lottery Pick-3 game has a number of ways to win including a split, a pair, a box, a wheel and a straight. In 1987, a second daily draw game was introduced and was called Pick-4. Similar to Pick-3, this is a 4 digit draw game that has been drawn twice daily since 1991. There are two main ways to win in a Pick-4, these being a straight win and a box win. The third daily draw game is the Jersey Cash 5. This is drawn one every day where five balls a drawn from numbers 1-43. The lowest payout is 3 matching numbers with the highest payout being a progressive jackpot for all 5 matching numbers.

Pick-6 Xtra and Mega Millions

The NJ Lottery also offers a number of Jackpot games that are draw twice weekly. The first of the jackpot games is the Pick-6 Xtra jackpot game. Drawn on Mondays and Thursdays, the tickets cost $1 each. The game draws six numbers from a set from 1-49 and the jackpot starts at 2 Million Dollars with a minimum win for matching 3 numbers. The second major jackpot draw game is the Mega Millions draw. This a multi-jurisdictional game played in 43 states where the minimum guaranteed winning jackpot is 15 Million Dollars.


The Powerball Draw

The Mega Million draw takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays. Players must select 5 numbers from 1 to 75 and 1 Mega-ball number from 1-15. One of the most popular draws in the NJ Lottery is the Powerball game. This is also a multi-jurisdictional game where the guaranteed jackpot starts at 40 Million dollars. In this game, players must choose five numbers from 1-69 and 1 Powerball number from 1-26. The cost of a Powerball ticket is $2 and the draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday night.