With the amount of online casinos available today, each casino competes for players’ attention by offering a number of unique rewards. Play bingo bonus offers are a way for casinos to provide an incentive to both new and existing players, encouraging them to make real money deposits into their player accounts. Players can play bingo bonus offers to increase their chances of winning a bingo jackpot at no extra cost to them, as well as to test and experience a casino’s real money bingo games before signing up to play them.

Online Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements

There are a number of play bingo bonus types commonly awarded to online players, and each amount will vary between online casinos. Players are always advised to familiarise themselves with the unique wagering requirements of their casinos of choice, as these requirements dictate the terms under which players can claim their winnings won from wagering the bonus amount. For any enquiries, most online casinos offer 24 hour customer services which are contactable via email, help lines and live chat.

Welcome and Sign Up Bonuses

The first play bingo bonus type is the welcome or sign-up bonus type. Welcome bonuses are often awarded to players upon successfully registering a real money player account with the casino in question. The primary purpose of this play bingo bonus is to give prospective players an incentive to join the casino, and as a result, these bonuses can sometimes be relatively generous. Welcome bonuses may also be dependent on the value of players’ initial deposits.

Deposit Bonuses

The second play bingo bonus type is the deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses are awarded upon new players making an initial deposit into their accounts, and may amount to the value of this deposit up to a certain amount like punters get at eSports betting sites. Deposit bonuses may be awarded in the form of a match bonus, which matches the value of an initial deposit, or a percentage bonus, which awards a specified percentage of the deposit as a cash bonus.

Reload Bonuses

Reload play bingo bonus offers are similar to deposit bonuses, with the difference being that these bonuses are awarded after subsequent deposits, not with the initial deposit. Again, reload bonuses may match the value of the deposit in question, or many give a specific percentage of the deposit back to players.

Refer a Friend Bonus

The final play bingo bonus is the refer-a-friend bonus. This bonus type is awarded to players on the occasions that they introduce a friend to the site, encouraging this friend to create a player account and make an initial deposit of their own. A refer-a-friend bonus amount will be awarded to players for each friend who signs up.

Loyalty Schemes and Additional Bonuses

In addition to the play bingo bonus types mentioned above, many online casinos also offer additional promotions to their players. Most casinos offer loyalty schemes, in which players who are members will be awarded loyalty points for playing real money bingo online. These points will accumulate, and can be used to claim and play bingo bonus offers such as online bingo tournaments, competitions and giveaways, as well as other prizes and regular online casino promotions.