The Wild Knights slot game is brought to you by Barcrest Software. It supports the Hi Roller system, which is an innovative new feature that gives players a deeper level of control over the proceedings. In conjunction with the Hi Roller feature is a 5 reel, 10 betting line play system, which changes dramatically with the Hi Roller function activated. All in all, slot game players who enjoy a strategic, hands-on approach will find the Wild Knights slot game to be a highly rewarding play experience.

In terms of graphics and presentation the Wild Knights slot game is nothing to write home about, with the theme of the game based around medieval knights. There is only a single symbol which features detailed artwork, with the rest being rather bland and uncreative. The game was never designed to be striking visually, however, with the focus very much on the unique play system. Hence, one can consider the game a case of a strong play experience that is not bogged down by unnecessary bells and whistles. Let’s have a closer look at some of the features of the game in more detail.

Hi Roller Payouts

The already mentioned Hi Roller system is where the Wild Knights slot game really shines. It can be activated between spins simply by clicking the button, which can be found above the spin button. With the Hi Roller activated all payouts are increased by a significant amount, the details of which can be found in the play table. The result is that although each bet will cost more, the payouts are infinitely better. It is recommended to turn on the Hi Roller function during a winning streak, which will be extremely beneficial. It is best, however, to turn the function off in low payout periods.

Also note that with the Hi Roller function on, matching the bonus symbol will result in special mini-games being triggered. With the HI Roller function off, these mini-games will not activate, even if the bonus symbols are matched in the play area.

Bonuses And Mini-Games

If the bonus symbols are matched, and the Hi Roller function is on, the player will be granted 10 initial free spins for the very unique mini-game. During the free spins, all symbols in the game will be replaced by coloured shields; red, green and purple. If coloured shields match in the play area, a payout is granted, as well as additional free spins. If a match is not created, the player loses 1 of 3 lives. This sequence will continue indefinitely until all the player’s lives are lost, or the free spins run out. This mini-game is one of the more unique to be seen in any slot game currently available.

The second mini-game in the Wild Knights slot game is the activated by matching the wild symbol at least 3 times. In this mini-game the player is allowed to pick from a selection of symbols that will appear. Only 1 choice is allowed, with an instant cash prize being granted. All of the choices will give a prize, but only one has a jackpot prize of considerable value.