The Wild Knights Kings Ransom slot game is a creation of Barcrest Software. It is based loosely around the King Arthur myth, although this is a distant connection at best. In general the game’s theme is rather vague, and doesn’t tell any particular story. This is a bit disappointing, given how much effort has been put into the themes of some other slot games. But the Wild Knights Kings Ransom slot game is extremely popular, which means that more must be going on then just the mediocre graphics and theme. Let’s take a look at the game play.

The Wild Knights Kings Ransom slot game uses a 5 reel, 10 betting line system. It will be immediately noticed that the betting lines are manually adjustable, and can be raised or lowered between spins. This is already good news for those who enjoy a more strategic approach to slot games. The next feature that deserves special mention is the Big Bet button, found to the left of the spin button. By tapping or clicking this button the player is given the option to not only massively increase betting lines, but also drastically increase the payouts of wins. The Wild Knights Kings Ransom slot game may not be dazzling in terms of visual design, but it certainly delivers and excellent game play experience.

Symbol Designs In Detail

The graphics of the Wild Knights Kings Ransom slot game are also not anything to write home about, which has already been made clear. But let’s have a closer look at some of the symbols and their payout value. King Arthur is the most valuable symbol, easily recognisable by the gold crown on his head. Matching him the maximum of 5 times will result in an excellent standard payout.

The other main picture symbols follow a simple pattern, being a red, purple and green helmet. The red helmet is the most valuable, the purple the second most valuable, and green the least valuable. The remaining symbols are taken from playing cards, including 10, jack, queen, king and ace. The symbols are not going to blow any minds with creativity, but it must be said that it is extremely easy to keep track of them, and hence understand the workings of the game.

Symbols And Specials

There are two main bonus symbols in the Wild Knights Kings Ransom slot game which is thought to be one of the best online pokies in Australia. The first is the shield symbol. If matched at least 3 times the shields will trigger an unlimited free spins sequence. The player will initially be given 10 free spins, but may gain an unlimited number of extra free spins by matching the shields again and again.

The second bonus symbol is the pot of gold symbol. Matching the pot of gold symbol will trigger a mini-game. The player must select pots of gold, revealing prizes beneath. Pots of gold may keep being selected until a booby prize is selected, and the collect button lights up. It need not be said that lucky players can make an extremely large sum of money in this game, assuming that the booby prize is avoided for long enough. Wither way, a good payout is all but guaranteed.