Grosvenor and IGT Team Up to Bring the IGT Cloud to the UK

IGT, or International Game Technology, is a gaming and lottery systems organisation. They specialise in design, and development of software systems for casino games. IGT have been involved in the casino industry since 2005. IGT’s headquarters may be London, England, but they manage offices throughout the world.

Recently they have partnered with Grosvenor Casinos in a new initiative whereby Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK and mark something of a ground breaking event since the amalgamation uses the IGT Cloud system to support three Grosvenor land-based casinos in the UK. This is the first time such a system is being used to implement a network across several locations.

A Land-based Casino Boost

The Grosvenor Casinos themselves are based in London, with brick and mortar casinos that are popular in Reading and Coventry as well. How the system works is that the IGT Cloud forms the software power for associated casinos, such as Grosvenor, by providing instant access to IGT’s entire game library, which includes the advanced IGT analytics system. As such, all casino activity can be remotely monitored.

The system and IGT Cloud would be able, in this way, to check which IGT games are available to playing terminals in real time. This has come about with the development by IGT of state-of-the-art gaming terminals that are able to play multiple games. Land-based casino players can load up any title from the IGT range that they wish to play. Grosvenor casinos has purchased a series of these new terminals for their casinos and the flexibility is proving a substantial hit.

Casino Playing Optimised

What this means for the casinos themselves and the players there, is that should there be an increased demand for the Ghostbusters slot game at any casino, the Grosvenor casino staff can proactively allocate all the resources they need to become more Ghostbusters machines simply by changing some of the Dungeons and Dragons machines into as many Ghostbusters games as they require. And all with just one button.

This obviously quite dramatically enhances the casino, and slots experience that Grosvenor casinos can provide their clients, and Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK is set to take playing at these casinos to the next level.

The Way of the Future in Management

Since Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK, any new terminals at the casino also means hardware and shipping is drastically reduced. Grosvenor casinos can therefore introduce and new games, developed by IGT anywhere in the world, into their Canadian online roulette casinos within minutes.

The fact that Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK also has implications for the future management of the casinos themselves. IGT provide full casino management schemes such as loyalty points, casino accounting systems and bonus options, which means real time games management and selection that optimises the gaming floor and improves revenue as well as entertainment options for all players.

Grosvenor and IGT team up to bring the IGT Cloud to the UK, but this will no doubt be but the first in a series of similar developments along similar lines in the years to come, and will most likely include many more casinos as well as games.