How to Buy a Lottery Ticket with Ease

Despite the overwhelming presence of lottery games around the world, in the media, and online, buying a ticket can still seem daunting to the uninitiated. The truth is, the lotto is one of the simplest and most straightforward games of chance.

Buying a lottery ticket is usually as complicated or as simple as players make it, and with options such as Quick Pick or other automated number selectors, the whole process, whether tickets are bought in-store or online, can be very simple indeed.

If players intend to go the fully traditional route, they should at least decide on what numbers they want to play before they purchase a ticket. If they want to let a computer produce numbers for them, then there’s no need to ponder numbers, lucky or otherwise.

How to Choose Lottery Ticket Numbers

Despite countless words having been written about choosing numbers for lottery tickets, very few of them actually count for anything.

There is absolutely no way of guaranteeing that a player’s chosen numbers will come up in a draw. However, there are methods that players can use to make the task of choosing numbers a little easier for themselves.

One way would be to check what numbers have been drawn more frequently than others, and to check which numbers are usually avoided because of unlucky associations. This information is readily available online, and can be found using a reliable search engine such as Google.

Another way of choosing numbers before players buy a lottery ticket is to consider birthdays or the dates of meaningful anniversaries. One drawback to this method is that it often limits numbers to the range between one and 31.


Yet another option would be to use a Quick Pick method. In-store, this is usually done by the assistant at the lottery terminal. Online, players simply instruct the software to do it by selecting the appropriate button.

Buying a Lottery Ticket In-Store

A general rule when looking to buy lottery tickets in-store is that, if it sells cigarettes, it probably sells lotto tickets. In fuel station shops and supermarkets, tickets are usually bought at a kiosk or terminal, operated by an assistant.

Players receive a card with a grid of numbers, usually divided into columns for each ball drawn. The player would then mark off a number in each of the columns. This completed, the player then hands the card back to the assistant, who then inputs the player’s numbers into the terminal, and prints a ticket. Ticket in hand, the player then pays for the ticket using one of the accepted payment methods.

The player would then need to wait for the lottery draw, and check their ticket against the numbers drawn. If theirs is a lucky ticket, they can either claim their prize at a lottery kiosk, or by contacting the lottery office.

Buying a Lottery Ticket Online

Tickets for a number of land-based lotteries can be bought from reputable online agents. Players first have to register an account, and then choose the lottery in which they would like to participate.

That done, a numbered grid will open on the screen, and players choose a number for each ball to be drawn. Once they have made the selection, they submit their ticket, and pay for it using a credit card, e-wallet, or prepaid card. Strictly speaking, players do not need to print out their tickets.

If a ticket is lucky, the winnings will be paid into the player’s online account. The player can then transfer their winnings into their bank account.